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Roku Sends Out A Warning To All Illegal Streaming Of Private Channels

All Roku users, how is it going with your streaming device? In the chain of all the streaming devices on the market, Roku has made its way to cut the competition and emerge as one of the top players in the market. And with the quality features and services, Roku has also gained the position of the ultimate entertaining source for many users around the world.

Undoubtedly, you must have been streaming well with your streaming device on your big screen, but are you streaming the official channels from the Roku Channel Store? If not, then beware as the company has started to ban the unofficial private channels on the Roku platform. Initially, a feature was released to permit all the developers to test their channels before heading of submission to the Roku’s channel store. But, soon it became a medium to all the channels for streaming the pirated content to grab the Roku user’s base. According to many reports, the company has now begun to show a warning message on every private channel added by the users on their Roku device. Due to this reason, some of the channels have decided to exit the Roku’s channel list.

Now, when the users are heading to attempt to add any “unofficial” channel, they are getting an alert to the fact that these channels need to follow the company’s terms and the distribute legal content. In the notice, Roku also informs all the users that if the company find the channel to violate the copyright, the company may also remove the channel without any warning or notice. Even, the website of the company has also got updated to give a sign that it is now on the task to remove the support for the Roku Platform in 2019. Well, if Roku continues to take such action then there are chances that the end date would come earlier. The lineup of other channels has also put a notice and seeking other options. While most of the channels are still waiting to check out if they get a drop out by Roku.

In the chain of private channels, there are more than 1000 private channels that work on the Roku. Every channel doesn’t promote the illegal content. However, some are tests, and some include adult channels.

Roku was aware of the issue before some time about the concern of piracy issue related to the platform, just like the Amazon was also aware that the popularity of its Fire TV Stick has to do a lot with how it is simple to Sideload Kodi and all the other software that renders the access root to the illegal content. Later on, Amazon has to ban the Kodi app and the sale of “Kodi boxes” from its official website.

Roku has also stuck in the same situation where it could ignore the piracy issue and let the controversy go out of the user’s mind with the time. As the channels are private, there should be no barrier over the channels by Roku. If there is a legal concern, then channel operator should be the first one in the light.

It’s pretty much unclear for all the consumers that whatever they are streaming is illegal by nature. Well, taking down the channels is not a new thing for Roku. If there is any doubtful case of copyright issue, then the company will surely take the required action to disable the channel. Moreover, Roku also operates a portal which is for the reporting of all the copyright violations, and it has also kicked out many private streaming channels.

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