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Roku Planning Out To Step Into Smart Speaker’s Category

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Along with the streaming media players and smart TVs, Roku is planning out to build its smart speaker for all the Roku lovers out there.

Roku is one of the superlative examples in the section of smart TVs and streaming media players. With the continuous change and trend of the market, the company has shown some signs of trying its luck in the smart speaker’s category. The latest company batch of job offers has got the Variety expressing that it may be preparing a clone like an Amazon Echo.

Currently, Roku is engaged in advertising for many roles along with an eye on the voice experts and recruiting audio. A senior software engineer claims that the individual will be hired to build the “center of audio excellence.” It doesn’t seem a big surprise that another company may be trying in imitating the success of the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Even the Sonos, Sony, and Samsung are also just pushing or pursuing the identical products. But, there is the fine possibility that the gust of vacancies moved to the existing lineup of Roku.

In the lineup of its streaming devices, there are some of them which have got the basic voice controls that it might be looking forward to expanding. The software of the companies can also get on a range of various TVs from RCA and TLC. All these sets already collect the viewing data to provide the ads and adding the voice abilities could be another chance to get the mass level of user info.

Still, the recent hires of Roku do little for the latest obsession of the company with the audio. According to Variety, the company is busy in hiring the individuals with a background in the speech recognition. And, there is also the fact that Roku has dipped in the audio in the past as the courtesy of its failed SoundBridge internet radio player.

Being on the list of top streaming devices, it will be challenging for Roku to compete with the established voice assistants working alongside to their TV platforms. The decision can be crucial for the company, as it can lift the standards of the company to the other level and can be a tough competition to Echo.

Rivalry with Echo

Undoubtedly, Roku’s TV boxes require to output audio and have previously come up with the voice control remotes. In the overall description, the candidates must be familiar with the total dynamic distortion, key knowledge, and de-reverberation in the creating of the speaker that can search out the voices from a distance.

In TCL TVs, the Roku software is already present, but there could be room for the expansion into the space occupied by the Apple Home pod, Google Home, and Amazon Echo.

Overall, the decision of stepping in the high-level competition could be a game changer for the company. With the major players like Amazon and Apple, it will not be easy for Roku to beat the two giant holders in the smart speaker’s category. Still, if the smart speaker makes it to the market, it will be interesting to see what the company will offer different to its users.

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