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Roku Launched New Operating System & Lowered Price for Roku Ultra

Roku has recently introduced its new operating system that will enable its uses to turn up their TV by using simple voice commands. In addition to it, Roku has lowered the prices for Ultra.

Besides bringing new updates to its streaming devices, Roku recently introduced a new Operating system to improve the streaming experience for Roku TV users. This new operating system is featured to accept voice commands due to which it is now possible to turn on and off the television using few simple voice commands. Users don’t need to use any special keyword for invoking the device to Voice commands mode. One can simple speak us for the task they need to be performed. For example, to open Vudu, they can just say “launch Vudu,” or for viewing ABC, they can say “Switch or tune to ABC.” It is essential to hold down the Voice button from Roku remote while dictating the Voice Commands as it is a kind of trigger for letting the device interpret your voice commands.

The Roku OS 8 if featured to allow the switching to different input sources with the help voice-guided instructions, Users can start using Single Sign-On (SSO) for more than 30 cable TV providers. It allows users to gain access for entering the private listening mode of Roku TV that comes along with your broadcast channels. This listing contains a new “Smart Guide” which shows streaming content along with linear TV programming in another interacting interface. This new operating system will we soon embedded to Roku streaming devices by the end of October and will be introduced to televisions till November last.

Looking forward to giving the best streaming experience at a reasonable price Roku has lowered the prices for its Ultra streaming device. Earlier the price of Roku Ultra was $129.99, but now it has been brought down to $99.99. It seems to be a saving of around $29 for every new customer who opts out to but the Roku Ultra. It can be looked as smart marketing technique played by Roku.

The Roku Ultra is designed to bring in the light on 4K streaming and support for streaming HD content that ranges from 4K or 4K HDR up to 60 fps. It is also featured with a bevy of ports like Ethernet port, USB port, and micro SD. Roku Ultra is shipped with new voice remote control which is capable of controlling TV power to on, off and adjusting the volume levels. There is a headphone jack provided on Roku Ultra remote to facilitate private listening for its users.

Roku comes us to be doing a cord-cutting business for all of its existing competitors. It has earned recognition as one the top streaming devices in U.S.A, leaving behind its competitors like Apple, devices manufactured by Google and Amazon. All these enhancements can also be considered as the result of $219 million it gained through IPO which costs $14 per share. For more updates stay tuned to the further upcoming news on it.

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