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Roku Has Rolled Out The New “The Roku Channel” For All Free Streaming Lovers

Free entertainment always attracts the users, and now all free streaming lovers will get this royalty of free access to the latest “The Roku Channel.”

All the Roku users, how your Roku streaming is going? With the extensive treasure of content and amazing bunch of features, Roku streaming device has marked itself as one of the key entertaining sources in the market. Well, if you are one of those users who always seek out for free entertainment on the dynamic platform, then you don’t need to seek more, as the company has just introduced its new “The Roku Channel,” the latest streaming channel available on the Roku TVs and Roku players in the U.S.

Roku has always been a perfect player in rendering the free entertainment options for all the customers, and the new channel will also prove to be a great option for all the movie seekers to stream their favorites simply.

The new Roku Channel delivers hundreds of well-known movies without any cost. There is no subscription and no fees. Even, there is no need to log in, just access the bunch of great movies.  You can make your choices from an ever-changing selection of the classics of big screens, award winners, and many Hollywood hits that you may have missed. And the best thing is that it will keep getting updated with the new bunch of titles in every month. The company will also focus on the delivery of finest advertising per programming hour as it is compared to the linear TV as well as the improvements.

In the lineup of movies, you will get the quality films like The Karate Kid, Legally Blonde, Ali, and many others from the leading studios including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Lionsgate, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Warner brothers among the others.

The classic Roku channel also renders a wide selection of the free entertainment from the existing channel publishers of Roku such as Film Rise, Vidmark, YuYu, American Classics, and Popcornflix. You can get the channel on current generation Roku devices via a phased roll out heading in the coming weeks. Launching out the channel seems that it is the part of the Roku strategy to grow its user base and the ad business ahead of its IPO investment for generating a fair amount of revenue.

Besides the Apple or Amazon, Roku has been mostly stuck over in selling the hardware, just like the other video sticks and streaming boxes. As the variety points got out, the only channel which was managed by Roku previously was only meant to display the 4K abilities of its devices. Still, Roku doesn’t have the original content, they just have the licensed content, which allows the Roku to continue the host streaming competitors such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, whose original series are mostly from all the other services.

Well, the Roku channel is not the first one with the ad-supported channel on the Roku devices, and the consumers always try to get the similar title elsewhere as well. But, this is the first time for the company to license the movies from Hollywood studios on this scale, and it is a good sign for a shift in the power dynamics in streaming media.

Overall, the approach of Roku can be explained with the growing advertising business of the company and also the action towards selling more ads against the videos on the platform. Last week, when the company heads for filing IPO, it revealed that the ads and other licensing fees contribute 41 percent of its total revenue.

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