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Is There An Error If Roku.Com/Link Page Comes Out To Be Blank?

There are many different types of errors in Roku that can frustrate its users. We are going to discuss one such error today, which has become quite prevalent in the Roku. It is important to address this error, otherwise it will continue to annoy the Roku users.


Roku is a doppelganger to Apple TV, Chromecast and various other streaming services. Roku is used to stream content on TV from various online services as well as it acts as a media player. It comes in form of a pen drive as a streaming stick, a box like formation called streaming player, an HD version of this player as 4k UHD player and dedicated flat screens or Roku TV.

Besides streaming we can watch our photos on our phone on our TV. They offer a variety of free channels besides paying a nominal subscription fee for more services.

So whenever we try to link our Roku account to our TV by going to www Roku com link section, it is shown as blank. Normally whenever we have to link our account we go to that page so that our Roku account is linked to our newly bought Roku TV but recently that page pops out to be blank as mentioned by some customers.

Roku customer service clearly denies if their servers are down or maintenance is the reason the page is down. But users are facing the same problem however not everyone is claiming that since many users claimed that page is up and running. While going on FAQ on Roku Support page, it clearly shows current status of website as up and running.

Use of That Page:

Roku link is used when we buy a Roku TV and we have to link our existing account to Roku TV, so that the page being online is very essential. When we open that page, we have to copy code shown on TV and have to paste Roku link code activation into the dialog box on the page hence linking the account.

After following the following steps, Roku Account Setup is complete. Now we can watch and stream our favourite Netflix shows on Roku TV and besides using Roku TV we can additionally use our iPad, Android device as a remote as well as a FTP server to see out photos on TV.

Roku also supports MacWindows laptop and various devices so one Netflix and Roku account on that device could stream our content on our bigger screen.

Roku.Com/Link Page Comes Out To Be Blank

Diagnostics of Problem:

However as page is down as claimed by users, it is not the reality. Chrome recently got updated to a newer version and so did Firefox. Microsoft edge is already having rendering problems and since the link page uses the AJAX, may be cookies already saved by our browsers are clashing with newer compatibility of browser with pages. So, we can either clear out browser cookies and saved images and reload the page, or we can also download a downgraded version of browser.

Many users who claimed that page is up and running are actually using a previous version of browser and however it is not a permanent solution, we have to rely on it until either Roku makes their page compatible with current gen browsers or when current gen browsers solve their ajax incompatibility issue.

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