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How To Solve Roku Error Code 014?

Roku is a great device when it comes to streaming video playback. It is one of the top hardware manufacturers which is dedicated to internet TV. Roku has made a name out of itself for making top end players for streaming media as well as mobility based stick devices having the same functionality. Users can use features of Roku after an initial Roku Account Setup. Once the setup has been done, users can now simply use their hardware. In this article, we will discuss some of the issues which Roku has in error codes.

What is error code 014?

There can be a lot of error codes on product and service based entities. Roku is not just an online service but is also a hardware. Users have to interact with Roku tech from the beginning which is Roku Com Link. Once the linking procedure of Roku hardware and account has been done, then we move on to its OS. Hence, technical interaction is at all points in the service. Error codes create a mess when it comes to servicing laymen. Users generally do not know if the error is from the server side or at the receiving end.

For laymen customers, Roku Help is there to clarify the reason for the issue. Various error codes happen due to various problems. There can be issues at various points in the broadcast and receive the end of Roku services. Also, Roku is also an app based service which can be used in smartphones. Hence, issues with that platform can also be hardware based as well as software based. This is the problem with being a cross platform service. There can be different kinds of issues with different kinds of devices. Here, the error code 014 has a lot of different interpretations which we will discuss as further.

Roku error code 014 can be caused by various factors as informed by www Roku Com Support center.  Roku error code can arise out of problems because of wireless connection. For the first initialization at setup, if this error code comes, users can switch from wireless to a wired connection. Wired connection also has some other upsides than being just faster which we will discuss further. If the first initialization went well but the issue started to come later on in the time. The issue can be resolved by plugging in a network Ethernet cable and then disconnecting from a wireless connection.

How to solve error code 014- a step by step guide?

Step 1: Since Roku device is having this issue because of a wired connection, users can connect the Roku device to the internet using a wired connection. Hence, for all the Roku devices except Roku stick which is equipped with an Ethernet cable, connect the Roku with the Ethernet cable from router or wired modem.

Step 2: After the wired connection has been made, users must go into settings of Roku device. This is done to ensure that a proper wired connection has been established. A lot of options such as network strength should be monitored in this step.

Step 3: Once the network connection has been made, check if Roku is streaming. But we do not want to stay on a wired connection for long. So, as the wired connection is active, go to settings and choose the wireless connection which you want. Once you have chosen it, enter your password.

Step 4: Since the wired connection has made it stable, the wireless connection will be established in a jiffy. Once it has been done, you can remove the Ethernet cable and Roku is good to go.

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