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How to Link Your Roku Express with the Help Of Adhesive Strip?

Roku Express and Roku Express+ can attach with your Roku Streaming with the help of adhesive strip to any flat surface like a tablet or the television port. Go through the following passage to know the whole setup procedure for it.

One can attach their Roku Express and Express plus using the adhesive strip. All though any type of adhesive strip can be employed, it is recommended to use that strip which came with your Roku Express. You can also purchase Adhesive strip from Roku store.

Roku and Roku Express+ deliver with the IR Remote. IR remote uses infrared light rays. IR remote operates directly with the Roku device. There should be no any obstacle which blocks the rays which connect with the device.

Some Important Points to remember:

  1. Do not place the Roku Express in any of the cabinet or behind the TV which blocks the direct connection with the IR remote. In simple, it means there should be no any obstacle which blocks the connection between Roku Express and IR Remote.
  2. Kindly check the adhesive strip should not be placed in front of the Roku Express. Otherwise, it will not work.
  3. The front edge of your Roku Express should be in direct connection with the IR remote.

How to remove adhesive Strip?

Here are few points one should remember while removing the adhesive strip. So just follow these steps carefully:

  • Keep the Roku Player in the right place.
  • Do not pull the adhesive strips towards you. It must be removed sidewise.
  • To remove the adhesive strip, stretch it at least 15 inches through sidewise.

Roku can connect to your TV:

You can change your TV into the smart TV with the help of Roku Device. It will provide you many different services. Most of the Roku is designed in such a manner that they can be connected to your TV through the HDMI port. If you are done with the connection of Roku with your TV then there will need to set up the internet connection, internet connection can go through with any mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

Follow these steps to connect your TV with Roku:

  1. The first step is to identify the port:

 There are many types of models of Roku are available, and they have different kinds of the port in Roku. According to ports which are accessible on the Roku will determine how you can connect your TV with Roku. All Roku is available with the port i.e., HDMI ports. HDMI ports are used to connect to HDs. HDMI provides both audio and video from Roku to TV and it also provides the high-quality image .in some Roku Models, only the video port is available.

  1. Identify the ports which are on your TV:

If you’re intimate with the ports on Roku, then you have to find the connection ports on your TV. You have to find the best quality matching port.

Ports may be are on the back of your TV or may be on the side of TV.

If your TV doesn’t have any HDMI port and your Roku have only HDMI port, then you have to update your TV, or you will need to find Roku which connect with the composite cables.

  1. Connect Your TV with the Roku:

It will result in the best quality if you connect your TV with Roku through the HDMI. If you don’t have HDMI cable, you can purchase it from Market or can buy through online mode.

So this was all a user needs for attaching their Roku Express or Express + using the adhesive strip. For more help always visit www Roku Com Support and get the best support procedures.

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