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How To Cast Netflix and YouTube with Android/iOS To Your Roku?

If you want to watch high quality content on your TV screen, then you need to cast the content from Netflix and YouTube using your smartphone and Roku. The steps pertaining to this are given below.

With the inception of smartphones, watching entertainment on the go has become a lot easier. Smartphones have given a whole new dimension to the entertainment, but there is a question in my mind regarding the smartphones that, do smartphones offer the best platform to watch videos and other stuff? Probably not, smartphones are just an easy and convenient way to watch TV shows, movies and other digital content, but if people are given the option of watching the same content on the TV, then they would definitely going to choose that.

Especially when it is comes to watching Netflix and YouTube, which have a plenty of exclusive contents to offer to the users. A bigger screen provides a lot better experience for the people in terms of entertainment. This is perhaps the reason that we see so many streaming devices in the market today. But, there is one device by the name of Roku, which is doing extremely well in the majority of the markets in the world today. Roku allows users to cast content from their Android/iOS devices to the Roku streaming media device, which is connected to their TV sets. Moreover, it is possible to switch the audio from handset to boob-tube without missing anything.

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Here are the steps to do so;

  1. You have to download Netflix and YouTube apps on the smartphone. If they are already there on the phone, then it’s great. Also, make sure that your Roku account setup is properly done.
  2. Now, you have to add both the channels to the Roku line-up, just in case, they are not there. You can take support from www Roku com support if there is any problem.
  3. The Roku player and your smartphone should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. After that, you have to launch the Roku app on the smartphone and select Roku box where you wish to see the video.
  4. The next step is related to signing in to the YouTube and Netflix apps on the smartphone and Roku. To ensure this, you need to punctuate Roku setup in the right way.
  5. You are going to see a casting icon at the top right corner of your TV screen after you open Netflix or YouTube. So, you can just tap the icon in order to send anything from your phone to the TV. All this can be done without set up Roku account, but make sure that you already did it in the right way.
  6. You will be asked a Roku link code activation, so you must know where to get it and where to enter Roku link enter code. If not, then log on to www Roku com link to know more about it.

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