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Enjoy the PlayStation Vue live TV service, available on Roku

The app for Sony’s live TV service, which offers a variety of TV channels nationwide starting at $30 per month, is now available for download on Roku streaming sticks, boxes and TVs, with an Android mobile app coming soon.

The announcement has been made by the Sony that the app for its PlayStation Vue live TV service is available for download to Roku. As we know that Roku is one of the famous and appreciable name among the US citizens. Well you can browse Roku com link to know more about the setup process, here you will get the accurate assistance regarding How To Set Up Roku. Roku Streaming Stick, Roku boxes and Roku TVs, with all these three devices, this app will work.

Vue app for Android phones and tablets would be available next week said Sony. Like Apple phones and tablet require the iOS app just like that it will require an existing Vue subscription on another device (like a Roku, Amazon Fire Tv or PlayStaion 3 or 4 console). By taking Roku help, you will get the appropriate assistance regarding any trouble. For example if you found that your Roku Remote Not Working, then Roku technicians will provide the fine guideline.

According to people’s review the Roku app, they’ve noticed that the interface looks very different from the original Vue app. No overlays of moving video and it holds big thumbnails and plain text label

To get more categories like My Shows and Channels, you’ll have to scroll more plus people said that Roku devices have relatively weak processors. You can seek the help of Roku technical support at  www roku com support. Vue’s interface is extremely rapid with the latest Roku Stick (2016). Users can skip the commercials but in the original Vue app, you won’t see any commercials or ads are running. Vue via Roku is the first preference of people, whereas Fire TV box and PlayStation consoles provide the best Vue experience.

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