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Check Out the Latest Arrival of All New Roku Channels

In the Roku channel store, there have been lots of new channels have been added. Get the list of all the new channels which got added in this year.

All Roku users, which is your favorite channel on Roku channel store? The question pretty simple, but it is not, as there are bulk of favorites to choose from the extensive Roku library. The classic streaming device with its fascinating treasure of content is one of the best streaming devices in the market. With the amazing features and service, Roku has also been able to spot its place in the millions of home as a wonderful source of entertainment.

The Roku Channel Store is not just a store of some sections and their channels. It has got over 5000 channels in the store, which is more than enough for becoming a binge watcher. Looking at the demand, we have come up with the list of 16 latest channels that have launched a few weeks ago.

Tip:  Do you know that you can easily add the channels directly from the Roku Channel Store on the website.


  • The Roku Channel (will be available soon)-  You can stream the hundreds of popular movies without spending any cost. There will be no requirement to login along with no subscription and no fees.  Overall, just the bunch of great movies including The Karate Kid, Talladega Nights, and Legally Blonde.
  • Funny or Die- The channel features the number of hilarious sketch comedy videos starring the favorite comedians. It was founded by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell.
  • Cowboys Now- The channel includes documentaries, players interviews, and the game highlights from the American Team.
  • Vikings Now- The official channel of Minnesota Vikings involves pre-game interviews, exclusive videos, and post-game highlights.
  • Western TV & Movie Classics- The channel is a must add for all the die-hard fans of the old west, featuring all the titles like The Cisco Kid, Bonanza, The Lone Ranger, many more movies.
  • Page Six- Get the daily dose of high society gossip along with the daily videos on scandals, celebrity news, fashion and more.
  • New York Post- Check all the latest happenings of the world with this channel. It mainly includes the viral videos, news stories, and much more.
  • Taste It- All the food lovers can’t miss out this one! Catch the collection of tasty food videos along with the features from Saveur, Epic Meal Time, Telegraph, and One Pot Chef.
  • DangerTV- All action and thrill lovers, just garb this channel and get the bunch of dangerous yet appealing videos around the world from the bomb defuses to tornado chairs.
  • LOL Flix- Get the dose of laughter with the streaming of amazing stand-up comedies like Louie Anderson, Rita Rudner and much more.
  • Baby Boomer Cartoons- Even kids can have their streaming space with this channel, which is dedicated to stream cartoons, including Superman, Popeye, Bugs Bunny & Friends.
  • Kung fu TV- Check out the ultimate bunch of Kung Fu movies featuring the legendary Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and many others.


  • IFC- All comedy fans can head for this channel for streaming comedies cult-like Brockmire and Portlandia.
  • GSN NOW- If you are one of the game show lovers, then head on to enjoy the best of Match Game, Card Sharks, or new titles like Jerry Springer’s Baggage and Exogenous.
  • BBC America- With this channel, easily stream all your BBC America favorites like Top Gear, The Graham Norton Show, and Orphan Black. 


  • Brown Sugar ($3.99/month)- Check out the biggest collection of the black cinema with the bunch of title like The Mack, Foxy Brown, and the stand-up specials by Richard Pryor.

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