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You should be using these 5 Roku features from today

You should be using these 5 Roku features from today

Being one of the fine users of the Roku device, there are certain basic yet important features that you should start using from today.

How is it going with your Roku device? Being one of the prime company in the streaming devices and smart TVs categories, the company has simply placed its lineup of products as the key player in their specific market categories. With the bunch of useful and exclusive list of features and services, the streaming device has also been able to grab the eyeballs of all the potential users across the local boundaries.

There is no doubt that the streaming device contains the bunch of classic features, which many of you would be aware of. But, still, we have come up with the five basic yet the best features which can easily make you a Roku expert within no time! Check out the list of all those features:

1) Private listening- Have you ever sacrifice your binge-watching due to the reason of not disturbing the sleeping of any other member? Well, private listening is one of that features which just allow continuing the binge-watching without disturbing your nearby audiences. The feature is available from the Roku mobile app for iOS and Android on the current Roku TVs and streaming players. The premiere +, Roku ultra, and all the other supported devices with an improved “point anywhere” remote can easily listen from their remote headphone jack.

2) Live pausing of TV for each Roku models- You are all set to watch out your favorite sport in live action and you just get stuck at a particular moment and wish to pause that moment, then Live TV pausing is one of that feature which can do this for you. When an antenna gets linked to your own Roku TV, then you are all set to playback and pause the digital broadcast TV to ensure that you never miss out any action. With the use of this feature, you can simply pause any over-the-air TV for around 90 minutes. But, live TV pausing requires high storage USB device with 16 GB or more in order to link to the Roku TV.

3) Customizing of Screensaver by using your mobile device’s pictures- In order to extend your screensavers collection in your device settings (head to settings, then Screensavers) and in the Roku channel store, are you aware that you can easily create a screensaver for your own TV by using up your collection of pictures stored on the mobile device? Well, it’s a truth.

In order to use the feature, head on to unlock the Roku mobile app for Android or iOS, and then click the Settings > Mobile Screensaver. Now, just choose 25 images and set it the style (Zoom, Pan or HQ Still), and the speed (30 seconds, 20, or 15 seconds). After that simply type the Set Screensaver.

4) Accessing mobile app keyboard for saving time- If you reached out to this point of this post, then you must be aware that downloading the Roku mobile app is a must thing for all the users, which contains the lineup of cool features, including a simple handy keyboard. Accessing up the keyboard will simply save your time at the time of entering a long email address or your favorite movie title.

5) Traveling with your streaming partner- Are you heading anywhere for your summer vacations? Well, then the Hotel and Dorm Connect feature are one of the useful features rendering the best entertainment at any hotel (don’t forget the power adaptor and remote). While linking to any public network like in any hotel often needs to signing in from a web browser and Hotel and Dorm Connect helps to do it easily.