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Why There Is No Need To Panic When Your Roku Remote Doesn’t Work?

Roku remote is a great addition to the new Roku player, but sometimes, the remote can malfunction. To overcome this issue, it is important to follow below-mentioned troubleshooting steps.

People are excited after the launch of the new Roku media player. The new model of Roku has come with a plenty of new features, new channels and not to forget, a new design. Roku has always listened to the requirements of its customers, which is perhaps the reason that Roku has done immensely well since day one. Roku player is not just another streaming player that grabs the data off the internet and streams it onto the TV.

Roku player also comes with a sleek and feature-packed remote control, which is used to change the channels and do all other stuff. While talking all these great things about Roku comes a few issues as well. There are many issues in Roku that can make your entertainment life miserable. One such issue is ‘Roku remote not working’. This is becoming one of the most common issues in Roku players, regardless of which Roku model a person is using.

There is no need to panic if your Roku remote is not working. While starting with the process of Roku Remote control, you have to press the panic button that is in purple color. Take the battery cover out, then remove the batteries and look for a purple button. This button will play a key role in troubleshooting your Roku remote. This button is also known as the pairing button, so you need to pair the remote with your Roku button. The Roku error could be related to the pairing issue of the remote with the device itself.

You need to press the panic button and hold. But, you have to make sure that the Roku player is unplugged for around 5-15 seconds and plug it back into the wall socket. After that, you need to press and hold the panic button for five seconds. Before doing so, you need to check if the plug is properly inserted into the Roku player is secured. There is an option of using your smartphone as the remote for your Roku player.

Here are the steps that you need to follow when your Roku remote isn’t functioning:

  1. Point the Roku remote directly at the Roku device.
  2. While pointing the Roku remote, you will move closer to the device.
  3. The batteries should be new and inserted in the right way.
  4. The front side of the Roku device should not be covered or obstructed.
  5. If there is any flashing of the light in the front part of the Roku player after you press the button on your remote, then the remote is fine.

You need to check whether your Roku update is right or not. If your Roku hasn’t been updated, then that could lead to a number of issues.

Besides the malfunctioned remote, there is one more issue that I want to address here, i.e., Roku not connecting to the home Wi-Fi. This is another issue that can bring your entertainment to a standstill. In order to know about the troubleshooting process for this particular issue, it is better to log onto the official site of Roku.

Roku has a number of error codes that you need to be aware of. These error codes occur due to different sources of problems. Roku error code 001, 003, 011, 014 are the most common ones that can paralyses the entertainment for you.

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