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What To Do If Your Roku Freezes On Netflix Loading Screen?

If you’re a Roku user and find that you Roku freezes on the Netflix loading screen, then you can follow these simple steps or simply you can call the professionals for better and precise support.

What’s going on Roku users? Hopefully, you all are enjoying your favorite content. Well, we no need to tell the amazing and smooth functionality of this streaming device. Basically, Roku lets you watch your favorite movies and television shows via different and well-liked streaming platforms such as YouTube and Netflix etc. Being a fresh user of this streaming device you can grab the Roku Setup procedure by getting in touch with professionals or experts. Often it happens, when you follow the steps of setting up then you face the obstacle within regarding linking or code etc. in such case you can navigate to www Roku Com Link for better support.


As we know that a popular streaming service Netflix also resides in this device, Netflix is just an ideal option for those who just want to stream something new and fresh. This popular streaming service grips a sack full of entertainment such as movies, television series, and documentaries etc. Those who are using this streaming service can better understand the joy streaming their favorite content. We have noticed that many users are facing some issue, according to many users their Roku freezes on the Netflix loading screen. If you’re facing the same issue, then here we have some facile steps for you. (Only for Roku Streaming Stick users).

You need to restart your Roku

1.    First, unplug your Roku from power for approx. 10 seconds

2.    Now plug it back

3.    By making a press on any button on Roku remote, turn on your Roku device.

4.    Wait for around 60 seconds

5.    Now re-try Netflix

You need to disconnect your device from Netflix account

1.    Make a press on Home button so you can step ahead to Roku Home Menu

2.    Press the start key on the remote after highlighting the Netflix app

3.    Make a selection of Remove Channel

4.    Once you get confirmation by selecting Remove channel again, the device will be deactivated

  • While performing deactivation step (Roku Streaming Stick) in this manner will remove be deactivated from the main channel menu. Select Streaming Channel, Movies & TV, Netflix, so you can restore it.

So these are the simple steps to resolve this issue if you see no change after trying these steps then you need to contact the professionals. Rest if you’re new to this device and want to know that How To Set Up Roku, then again you just need to call the Roku experts.

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