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Unleash the way to categorize your channels in the new Roku app

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Roku released its much-awaited version 4.0 for Android and iOS users with some amazing features. One of the finest features is the organized screen with your favorite channels. But, here you can also reorganize the channel icons with the fine way.

Are u adoring the new Roku app version? Well, if you are one of the loyal streamers, then you must have been experiencing the fine streaming quality and service of the streaming device. With the dazzling features and services, it’s been a long time for Roku to stay one of the finest streaming devices in the market. The diverse range of device also led the device to grab the fine number of streamers across the global boundaries. And by having the innovative and entertaining approach to adding new features and channels, Roku is on the way to add many new streamers in its list. If you are one of the new streamer, who is looking out to get started with the device can reach out to www Roku Com Link to settle the account with the amazing streaming device and also to stream the best channels in a fascinating way.

roku-4-app-my-channelsWith the innovative approach, Roku is now getting trending more in the market with its new updated 4.0 version of Roku app for all the iOS and Android users. With the release of the app, Roku also comes with the fine list of features to make the streaming experience more easy and entertaining.  Amongst the newly launched features it involves an onscreen remote which provides the view of a real thing, then the “What’s On” tab which allows the streamers to find the favorite content under the fine movies and tv shows collection in a much easier and faster way. You may also have noticed that sometimes you get the error message of HDCP Unauthorized Roku, which actually appears due to your AVR, which might not be supporting the authentic content protection technology, i.e., HDCP. You just need to head to the experts of Roku to get the fine solution of the problem.

Roku app for iphoneWith the new Roku app, you may have noticed the screen actually showcase a kind of glimpse likes the Roku home screen, with having all the channels arranged in a grid format. Well, with the icons of the different channels, you can simply touch and hold your favorite channel to access the options of that channel. But, here there is no way to categorize the channels in your way. Still, we have hunt down the way to reorganize your channels in your own preferred way. While heading to your favorite channel, if Roku not connecting, then you can go for the basic solutions like changing the location, checking the proper internet and server connectivity and making it work by resetting the Roku or refreshing it by turning the Wi-Fi on and off. Besides this issue, let’s head to the simple way to reorganize the channels in the new Roku new app.

Step 1- The first thing which you need to do is to choose the channel, which you want to relocate like Netflix. Just move the cursor on that channel to highlight it with the remote.

Step 2- Now, just press the Option button on Roku remote and then select “Move channel”.

Step 3- Now utilize the direction pad and move the icon where you wish to move.

Step 4- After getting the appropriate spot, just tap OK to finish the process. You can also repeat the process according to your need.

After finishing the process, the channels should get placed in the app instantly. If not, then you have to go to start the process again. This process can also be applied in deleting the channels by pressing long on the preferred channel. It also holds an exception which tells that, the top two “sponsored” channels can’t be deleted. Still, you can at least categorize the channels in your own manner. Besides this, if you encounter any kind of tech issue with the streaming device, then you can navigate to Roku Help to get the expert assistance and solutions.