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This Spring, Freshen Up Your Roku Streaming Experience With Handy Tips

As the spring is mixing up in the air, there are some of the handy tips which will definitely freshen up your streaming experience.

How your streaming is going with your Roku device? Since the launch, the streaming device has embarked itself as the major streaming service in the competitive market. With a dynamic list of features and astounding services, the streaming device has also grabbed the eyeballs of many potential users across worldwide.

After activating the account, the most promising thing to do with the streaming device is to have your favorite bunch of channels on your big screen with the streaming device. And as the spring is making its way in the air, it is actually a sign of freshening up all the things including your fine streaming experience. This actually makes us come up with the bunch of few valuable handy tips that will help out to better the streamline of your streaming list. But, don’t forget to check out some of the classic bunch of channels which you simply can’t miss out and which will make your springtime happier than before.

  1. Decluttering and classifying- Are you aware that you can simply declutter and classify your home screen with just a few clicks? And in this process, the Options button (*) will be the best companion when heading to classifying the home screen. When you choose a channel, click the options button and then choose “move channel” from the options menu. After that, it will be quite easy for you to move on the channel on the desired location on the home screen. Ensure to place all your favorite channels in the center and front. Once you are done, you will get redesigned home screen with a refreshing look.
  2. Making it more personal- If it seems like that the home screen is looking up quite faded, then head on to give your home screen a fresh and new look by changing the theme. Just choose “Settings” from the home screen menu. After that, head on to choose “Themes” and select from the bunch of variety of themes. More themes can also be accessed from the Roku channel store. If changing theme is not enough, then you can also head on to change up the screensaver by heading to “Settings”.
  3. Do more to improve more- Now, as the home screen has been personalized and classified, there are also some of the great DIY/home improvement channels that you can stream to get more home improvement tips and inspiration. Ensure to add them on your Roku device today:
  1. Maximizing the Menu- Head on to expand your menu planning by theses taste orientated delectable channels.

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