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Take a look at the $30 Roku’s new Express box

Roku new streaming players

Roku’s new the Roku Express is less expensive than Roku’s streaming stick and various other devices those are available in the market. At $30 it will catch the attention of the people.

Roku introduced its pack of new streaming media boxes which will completely replace the existing hardware lineup. Roku’s new line includes Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra. The top –of –the-line is $130 Roku ultra which will appeal you if you are looking for both 4K and HDR video support and to know more about this player navigate roku com and get all the necessary updates.

Roku line upFor those who are looking for a basic Roku player with good features then this line up has just a thing for you which is Roku Express box. This tiny video streaming box replaces the old roku1 and has double processing power than the original box and merely cost Rs $30 and that put right to the place where chromecast is and Amazon streaming stick ($40) is. It is also less expensive than Roku own streaming stick which costs ($50).Whereas, Roku Express don’t support 4K video and for any assistant come in contact or roku technicians through www support roku com and get a possible solution for your problem from the professional Kindle technicians.

roku-introduces-their-latest-and-affordable-stream-box-players-roku-express-and-roku-expressHowever, the streaming video market is one of the fastest growing segment of the Roku both in the line of relatively inexpensive Roku TV’s and also in streaming media devices. According to the data by Park associates research firm streaming sticks accounted for 50% of all the streaming media unit sales in the year 2015. So it is expected that this Roku Express will grab the attention of many people with its lost-cost and features.

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