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Steps To Resolve Mismatch Of Audio And Video In Roku 3?

The issue of video and sound leaving sync has turned into a typical issue in Roku 3. Numerous individuals are confronting this issue while getting to channels like Netflix and Hulu. So, let us take a look as to what this issue is and how it can be rectified.

Are you using Roku 3? If yes, then there is a possibility that you may keep running into the issues such as, sound and video out of synchronization. Then again, top channels such as Hulu or Netflix are totally slacking. This can be extremely disappointing in light of the fact that you have paid for the gadget and the channels, but this issue, i.e., audio and video out of sync is disrupting your home entertainment in the worst possible way imagined. There are several ways to get rid of this issue, so you can attempt these and check, if you get the answer for the issue or not. Don’t simply assume that your Roku player is making the issue because the issue might be in the channels or the software of the product, and both these issues can be determined effortlessly, so you have to attempt these fixes before going onto any decision about the gadget.

Step 1

You have to start by unplugging Roku 3, holding up for a couple of minutes, and then, connecting it back again. When you unplug the device, then it will reboot it, so you can start the streaming process again with all your audio and video in immaculate synchronization. One important thing, the information for the majority of the issues have been provided on www support Roku com, but you will not find any info for this issue there.

Step 2

If you are too lazy to get up from your couch to reset the device manually, then there is one more way to reset the device. There are secret menus that is given in the Roku 3 player. If you want to see these menus, then you will have to use certain “codes,” or pressing specific buttons at once on your Roku remote. Go to Roku com to get more info about these secret menus. Press the “Home” button five times followed by play button and rewind button. Then, you will have to press the play button yet again, and after that press fast forward at last. With this arrangement, you will go to the menu where it will be quite easy for you to reboot the device. If you are not ready to begin the device appropriately in the wake of rebooting, then log onto Roku com link and reach Roku help and support suppliers.


If you are having audio and video synchronizing problems with your Roku 3, your most efficient alternative for dealing with the issue is to reboot the device. This ought to be conceivable either physically, by unplugging the device, or actually, from a mystery menu on the device. Use whichever procedure is alluring for you to handle the issue. There is no role of Roku link code since this issue has not happened because of a wrong code.

If you are looking to access more channels, then you will require a Roku account. When you create an account, you allow yourself to subscribe to more channels and grow your home entertainment. The procedure to set up Roku account is very basic, as it includes a couple steps that you have to perform in the way it is mentioned on In any case, in the event that you come across any issue, then you can take the assistance of Roku help and support. They can assist you in the best way, so that your problem is gone for good.

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