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Steps to fix problem of streaming vudu on Roku 4

If you are not able to run Vudu smoothly on Roku 4, worry no more because following these simple step will let you enjoy Vudu without any hitch.

With Vudu app you can Discover, watch latest movies and TV but recently there seems to be some problem with the app. Several users are having a streaming problem with Vudu app for Roku 4.When we tested HDX and UHD formats from the service we faced the same problem, app didn’t get enough bandwidth to continue streaming in 4k, 1080p, 720p, or even SD. After few seconds app would ask to downgrade the streaming quality, but we were not able to maintain consistency even in the lowest quality.

Before putting blame on the app or the media player it is advised to check the internet speed. We used two different bandwidth profilers that showed internet speed of 5o Mbps, which is sufficient bandwidth to stream HD or 4k movies. However, we also disconnected and restarted the modem and router. Then to narrow it further and going deep in this issue we tried native Vudu app for Samsung Smart TVs. The app ran without any problem. Now as the app was working fine so all the doubt went on Roku 4.

Well, Roku 4 has 1.5 GB of RAM and 256 MB channel storage which is expandable via SD card but even with this RAM, you may need to clear the memory sometimes. Simply, turn off and unplug the Roku4, wait for few mins and then restart it or follow instructions available on roku com.

This will fix the streaming problem immediately. Vudu will run smoothly and will prompt request to reduce the video quality on your Roku4 once you complete Roku link code activation.

Step for the proper functioning of Roku 4:

To shut down Roku4 or adjust power setting go to “Settings” > “System” > “Power“ and choose to do a System Restart, Power Off, or automatically shut down the device after 30 minutes of use. Well, the device doesn’t have an on/off button.

Roku4 is known for to get bit hot while running especially after its initial release. But firmware updates have catered this issue by helping the device from running so much while it is not in use. For proper functioning of Roku4, it is a good idea to shut the Roku4 down once a while to clear the memory and let it cool off for some time. You can do this by going to setting named “System Temperature” that allows you to set your Roku 4 to “Run Cooler by using the system’s fan.

As Roku players automatically update the operating system when it is not in use but it can be done manually by going to “Settings” > “System” > “System Update” > “Check Now.”

We have seen that shutting down is a good option for many electronic devices as software can be affecting the performance of the device and it needs a “soft” or “hard” reset. Your Roku4 will also work fine if you will follow this procedure and if there seems to be any problem take Roku com support .

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