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Some New Additions to your Roku Platform

Your Roku platform is growing continuously and there are some more additions to it which include FOTV, ABC Action News, Gun Talk, and Flo Sports. Let’s check out more about these new additions.

Now You will get more content and more entertainment on your Roku platform as it has added some more channels to its platform. Now you can enjoy more with your Roku and get more stuff to watch.

The first addition is FOTV, which will give the access to all the FOTV over the top channels. These channels feature both live streaming and on demand streaming, which is free and ad supported. These channels will be available on Roku platform at the Roku streaming players, Roku Tv models, and Roku streaming stick. This FOTV application is also available for Android and iOS platforms and comes preloaded on the PCs made by Lenovo. The subscribers of Film pay Tv will get the additional access of live channels when they will be logged into the channel on Roku.

Another addition to the Roku platform is ABC action news that will let you watch all the newscasts on your device without leaving it. Here you will get the live video, along with it you will get the latest on demand videos which include weather, traffic, sports and all the breaking news.

The next addition is Gun Talk Media channel. By this channel, you can stream all the past and present Gun Talk programs. The fans of Gun Talk will also be able to see all the past seasons of the Gun Talk TV, bloopers, bonus videos, spotlights, and much more. With this channel, you can know more about the recent and greatest products on Guns & Gear which a top-rated product stage for ammo, guns, optics, and accessories. You can also join Tom Gresham, Ryan Gresham, and Chris Cerino when they will explore the world of shooting on Gun venture. You can also watch the participants getting the firsthand experience how is it like saving their own lives or the lives of their loved ones on First Person Defender. These are the digital scenes where the regular people with different degree knowledge of Firearm are put into scenarios of force on force self-defense. You can add this wonderful channel by searching your Roku with the help of remote, Roku mobile app or the new voice search option.

The last addition is Flo Sports channel on Roku platform. This will give the direct access to the Flo Sports live events, documentaries, highlights, original video content, and studio shows to the viewers. By using the Cisco Infinite Video Platform, Flo Sports now offers to its millions of sports fans a complete experience of multi-screen. The app of Flo Sports is free to download and contains both free and premium content. The existing viewers of Flo PRO on any Flo Sports website can watch premium content with their prevailing login credentials and the new users can buy the subscription of Flo PRO through the in-app purchases. The yearly subscribers of the any website of Flo PRO will have the universal access to all the premium content across the network.

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