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Secret Roku screens which can be used for tackling various Roku issues.


Roku media streamers comprises of various hidden screens which can be used for troubleshooting or changing an advanced setting. Further, these screens can be only accessed by pressing a sequence of keys on Roku remote.

Roku secret codesRoku along with its media player and streaming stick has gained good mouth of words from its users. If you are new to Roku then you can set up your Roku account be navigating to Roku Com and Roku com setup will let you enjoy all the channels and services of Roku. Once you set your Roku account you will be provided Roku link activation code at Www roku com link. Roku is further full of many secrets screen which you can access by using a various key combination. Read below to know how to use the combinations in details.

1.First of all, make sure that your Roku is on and press the following buttons to access each screen.

Debug Options:

Roku DebugPress [Home:5x] [FF:3x] [Rewind:2x]

1. This screen can be used to perform Factory reset,which clears all channels and setting from your Roku.

2. Here you can cycle channel store server which is used to load new channels.

3. Cycle software update server.

4. You can also update software to latest version.

5. Plus you can enable or disable debug logging. However, for this you require Developer Mode to be on.

2.Check Installed Operation Software Version:

Press [Home:3x] [Up:2x] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right] [Left] to check the installed Software version. This screen shows the software version and which channels are installed.

3.Turn On Developer Mode:

By pressing these keys such as [Home:3x] [Up:2x] [Right] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right] you can turn the developer mode on you can also enable logging.

Roku Screen mirroring

4.Quality Settings Screen (Bit Rate Adjustment Screen)

You can set the bit rate of your video while downloading it in your device. Now Press [Home:5x] [Rewind:3x] [FF:2x] you can change the bit rate to max 3.5Mbps setting. You can change the bit rate as below:

 Roku secret screen 1. Automatic

2. 3.5 Mbps

3. 2.5 Mbps

4.  2.0 Mbps

5. 1.5 Mbps

6. 1.0 MbpsRoku-4

7. 0.6 Mbps

8. 0.3 Mbps

9.Enable/Disable playback debugging

5.Reset Command

You can reset your Roku by pressing Home:5x] [Up:1x] [Rewind:2x] [FF:2x].It takes a while to reboot. It will preserve your Roku channels and settings.

6.Factory Reset Clear All Memory :

roku-3-factory-reset-4You can perform Factory reset if you want to clear all the channels and settings. Perform a factory restore or “Hard Reset” by removing all the cables excluding the main power cable. Now with the help of paper clip simply hold the rest button located at the back of Roku for about 10-15 secs. After this plug all the cords and Roku will ask for the setup just like a new device then simply login to Roku com for complete guidelines.