Roku users shouldn’t miss the web series of TVF


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As we said that Roku holds the immense podium of entertainment, that’s so true because there are various channels and streaming services reside in it which let you watch your favorite content. So, if you’re getting bored by watching the same television series means now time to change the television series. Roku users can easily stream their favorite videos via the popular streaming platform called YouTube, and if you have your YouTube account means you can also subscribe your favorite channel as well. If you scuffle with any issue n watching your content on YouTube then you can take Roku help by getting in touch with professionals. Alright, as we said it’s time to change the series, now we are here to suggest you some amazing episodes. First, let us know, how many of you have subscribed the TVF’s YouTube channel? If you haven’t then do it right now. If you’re entertainment maniac then fill up your credentials into YouTube login and subscribe this channel.

TVF-QtiyapaTVF (The Viral Fever) is an online digital entertainment channel. The idea behind the launch of the network was to reach out to the youth. The young generation is not fond of watching some typical family dramas, they want to watch something real and interesting. If you also part of that generation then TVF is an ideal option for you. Arunabh Kumar is the founder of this creative network. They have now made a different website to host their videos called TVF Play and you can also download the TVF app. Now you can enjoy these web series on TVF channel:

Permanent Roommates (Season 1 & season 2)

permanent-roommatesMikesh and Tanya, both were in a long distance relationship for three years, face the prospect of married life and the issues that come with it. Tanya a young reasonable damsel is in a relationship with Mikesh who grips a good job in the US, he is a loveable guy but sort of an egg head. Then the story is then forwarded when both of them plan to get married and want to turn the long distance relationship into the husband-wife relationship. The story takes a turn when both of them try to re-create their first date in a bar. Now, what happens next? To know this you need to subscribe this amazing channel. You can also watch the 2nd season of it.

2. TVF Pitchers

TVF PitchersThis web series is created and developed by the founder TVF. The series focuses on four friends- Naveen, Jitu, Yogi, and Mandal, who quit their jobs, so they can develop their own start-up company. The idea of quitting their jobs starts from Jitu. Naveen is some and angry because of not getting the company’s project in which he works. In the state of intoxication he resigns. He discusses the idea of start-up plan with his friend Yogi, who also quits the jobs, but when the same thing he shares with Jitu, then Jitu gets quite angry then why both them took such foolish decision of quitting jobs. Mandal is a cool personality, a tension free guy. You shouldn’t miss this amazing web series.

3.TVF Tripling

TVF TriplingTVF Tripling is an Indian web series created by TVF. This web series traces the story of the story of three siblings-Chandan, Chanchal & Chtivan. Chandan after getting divorced from his foreigner wife get back to India and meet his brother Chitvan, this guy is just amazing, by profession he is  a DJ and lives amazing and fearless life. Chanchal, another character of this series, she is not happy with her husband because his husband was cool type personality in the college days but changed after marriage. This web series holds the amazing episodes, you shouldn’t miss them.