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Roku Users Should Subscribe These Popular YouTube Channels

If you’re a Roku user, then I bet you going to die today, now you all are wondering, what you mean by die today? Well, the reason of your death will be insane laughing. You shouldn’t miss these popular YouTube channels on your Roku platform. For any technical help, you can step ahead to Www support Roku com

So, what’s going on Roku users? Enjoying your favorite entertainment? As we all know that Roku is a large podium of entertainment, here you can stream your favorite contents. So may I know how many of you got the addiction of YouTube? Well, I am a YouTube addict and what about you? Well, we all know that you can also stream many videos of YouTube on your Roku platform, so this time I’m bringing something hilarious for you. If you’re in the state of boredom, then subscribe these channels and take a sip of comedy juice. Here I have some popular channels of comedians, who just holds the amazing sense of humor. Some of these are Indians and some hold the nationality of other countries but their roots are Indian. Alright, take a glimpse at these amazing channels:

1. IISuperwomanII

Lily Singh, she is known as Superwoman, she’s a Canadian YouTube personality, comedian, rapper, and actress. When she started her channel on YouTube, she earned more than 1.5 billion views on her videos with 10 million subscribers. And recently she was ranked 8th on the Forbes in the list world’s highest paid YouTube stars. She grabbed the MTV YouTube Rewind (2014), three Streamy Awards and two Teen Choice Awards. You can also search more popular female YouTube stars on YouTube’s platform. Lilly singh also featured in ‘Humble the Poet’s’ music videos- IVIVI and LEH.

2. LOL Jus Reign

LOL Jus Reign, his real name is Jasmeet Singh, he is also counted in the popular YouTube personalities. His parents grip the Punjabi origin, so his most videos revolve around his identity as brown Sikh boy in Toronto (Canada). He earned around 4.7 lakh subscribers through his uploaded hilarious videos. His fans seen his glimpse in the music video –Party like a Punjabi by Gippy Grewal and Manj Musik plus you will also see this YouTube star on in upcoming Punjabi movie- ‘22G Tussi Gaint Ho’ (Bro you’re amazing). The term 22G is an abbreviated form of Bai which means brother. In Punjabi number 22 is pronounced as bai (22). Don’t forget to subscribe his channel.

3. Kenny Sebastian

Kenny Sebastian is an Indian stand-up comedian, he mostly tells about the logic and facts in his funny way. His most jokes are on hilarious troubles on middle-class Indian people, like how they face different issues on Indian Restaurants etc. Basically, he describes the nature and behavior of Indians, maybe it’s not possible to tell exactly what I want to say that’s why you should subscribe his channel. If you face any trouble regarding streaming the content via YouTube then you’re free to take precise assistance by visiting Roku Com.

4. BB Ki Vines

If you’re an Indian then I no need to explain anything about this guy, I would just like to, ‘Oh yeahhh, my grandfather loves….’ Rest you know well. BB stands for Bhuvan Bam, he is a singer/songwriter, comedian, and a popular YouTube personality. He belongs to Delhi, India. Recently Bhuvan Bam won the Most Popular Channel Award for BB Ki Vines at the WebTV Asia Awards 2016 (hosted in Seoul, South Korea). His videos contain various unique and interesting characters (he himself plays the role of all different characters) such as Bancho (Banchodas), Fameer F**** (this character pronounces S as F, so his name is Sameer Suddi but because of his funny pronunciation it becomes Fameer and second word is quite vulgar in Hindi language, you know what I mean), Ma ki Chu (father of bancho). He played very well with the character’s names, out of these characters, Bancho and Ma ki Chu sound like Hindi abuse.

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