Roku users are you unable to connect to your wireless network?


Being a Roku user if you’re struggling with connectivity issue or you simply if you are unable to connect to your wireless network, then try these below given steps, these steps may give precise assistance. You can also ask for Roku help if you’re unable to see any change in your issue.

Your Roku streaming device offers you with access to stream video content and music via the internet to your streaming device. There are two major parts of this:

  • roku unable to connect to my wireless networkIn your home, your streaming device will link to the home network. This will generally
    be done through a wireless link to your home access point or router. This article gives tips on how to make this connection plus troubleshoot issues.
  • Your router will link to the internet via broadband service offered by your ISP (your cable or phone company).

Problems connecting to your home router via a wireless connection

You may struggle with this issue while setting up your Roku device or during daily use. Below are some example screens you might see if you streaming device is unable to connect to your home router to your wireless network:

Here are the steps to help get connected:

  1. If you select the wrong wireless network, it will cause of your wireless network connection to put in the state of fail, so must remember your wireless network’s correct name. If you’re unable to find the correct name of your wireless network (also called SSID), or the network password, you can navigate to Www support roku com or contact the Roku expertsCheck password
  2. It often happens when you think that you know the password but when filling it up then it shows wrong or incorrect. It is easy to make mistake filling your password and remember that network passwords are case sensitive. You can browse Roku Com for more succor.First red x
  3. You need to see that your router is properly working or not? Use your computer or a wirelessly connected tablet to link the router and access the internet. If you can’t connect to the internet on one of those devices, navigate to next step.
  4. Your wireless signal is strong enough? If your password is accurate and other devices can access the router, but you still struggling with connection issue, the most likely issue is the strength of the wireless signal. The wireless signal becomes feeble the farther your Roku device is from your router, and with more hindrances between your Roku device and router. With suitable directions of experts, you improve the wireless signal.
  5. Get-YouTube-on-Roku-StepTry resetting the Roku device and your router.
  • To start your Roku device again, you need to step ahead to Settings, System, Power, System Restart or you can unplug the Roku device from the power source and then plug it back.
  • If you want to restart your router, check the instructions from your IP or router vendor. In some cases, you can easily unplug it and plug it back and in other cases, it may need to make a press on reset button on the device.

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  1. I am unable to access the internet despite having a router that is working and a password that is correct. One day it worked, and the next day it said it could not connect to the wireless network. So what do I do? I cannot find a telephone number to call.