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Roku Updated UI & Featuers On Android & iOS

A new Roku app has been launched by Roku for both Android and IOS. Roku has done much-needed updates in this app. Let’s see how much these changes are useful.

Roku recently launched 4.0 version of its IOS and Android apps. It means Roku has hit Google Play and Apple’s App Store with its new app and this version is going to give you a lot more capabilities and functionality. You can visit www Roku Com Link to know more about the new app.

The first thing that you will notice in the new app is its UI which has been redesigned and now it will allow you to access all your favorite content in a quicker way. The main purpose of this new UI is to provide the users the one click functionality to the users for accessing the common features of the app.

With one click access you can now create a stream from the main screen. With new navigation bar now you will have the quick access to all the features. Roku Help can be taken for more detail information. Now finding remote, searching the options, and sending the videos on your TV will much faster than ever. In new Roku app, remote control has also been redesigned. Another interesting and new feature that has been added in this new app is What’s On. This feature is like a recommendation list that will give you the suggestions for watching based on the list that you have already watched.

Netflix and other installed services can be accessed with just one tap now with the new app. Another feature that will make your Roku experience better is scrolling feature for the streaming channels. Now finding remote will be easy as you can find it as soon as you will launch the streaming content. The remote looks like more of a real remote and it now comes with a channel button which makes your browsing experience better. One a movie is available it will be reflected on your What’s On section.

For downloading the new 4.0 Roku app for Android and IOS you need to go to app store of your mobile phone device. If you have already installed the Roku, then you can wait for the update notification or you can also install it manually. Roku Link Activation Code will not be required for this update or installation. You will see that the redesigned Roku app will help you in finding the channels quickly and it is so much fast that it also searches for the hottest movies available on the app.

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