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Roku or Google Chromecast? Who’s Going To Make It To Your Living Room?


Roku, the media streaming device recently introduces Roku Ultra which is capable of streaming 4K and HDR. Also, Google Chromecast Ultra is giving Roku a tough fight but here in this blog will see which will gain the title of best living room streamer.

Roku ultraThese days streaming is in boom many companies want to deliver entertainment to your living room by providing their best streaming services. Everybody is running in this race to be better than its competitor. In context to this, Roku and Google recently introduced their line up and also reduced their price and now giving each other neck to neck competition.

Roku recently introduced its new line up and was first to market with 4K streaming. Well, most of us know about Roku, it is a streaming player which streams entertainment directly to your TV screens via HDMI port and it is easy to set up and access that why it has gained such popularity. It gives everyone chance to choose their favourites and offers a enormous platform for entertainment. Those who are existing user of this phenomenal service can easily stream entertainment from various popular online streaming services such as Netflix , Hulu etc , and if you are new to this service then you can get in touch with Roku professional and know more about this gigantic platform or you can ask for Roku help if you need any guidance. For activating this pack of entertainment you require roku link code which is available at roku com link. To more about Roku which shows and TVs are available for streaming on Roku channels then visit Roku com, here you will get all the updated information about Roku and its services.

chromecast-ultraHow can we forget its competitor Chromecast. Google earlier, introduced Google chrome cast, is a small disc-shaped device which plugs into the back of your TV, the new Chromecast Ultra which Google just launched is capable of streaming 4 K videos at $69.Also new Roku line-up includes the Roku Premiere which is priced at $79.99, Roku express, which is the cheapest of them all price at $29.99.

There will be a tough fight between Roku Ultra and Chromecast Ultra. First, let’s talk about Chromecast Ultra it sells for $129.99 and supports 4K and HDR video includes a remote which you can point anywhere , a headphone jack for silent listening and viewing and also equipped with a quad-core processor.

roku-ultraBefore investing in 4K streaming device you need to ensure that your TV supports 4k and you have a broadband connection that is capable of handling 15 Mbps downloads but 25 Mbps is optimal. Roku Ultra is a fast performer and is simple to use than its predecessors. The company also offers on-screen menu that are easy enough for anyone to access it.

Roku Ultra also has a button to go back a few seconds where you might have missed a dialogue. This time Roku has moved the OK selection button to the centre of the arrows controls and search is where OK button used to be. If your Roku device is giving you some problem then head towards www roku com support and get best support from the Roku professionals they will get you out of any technical glitch.

Due to all these reasons and specifications Roku deserves to be the best living room streamer.