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Roku got the beta version of Xfinity app from Comcast

Roku got the beta version of Xfinity app from Comcast

Roku has always been the golden treasure of content. Now, the fine treasure of content will feature the recently added Xfinity app from Comcast. The beta version of the app will get tested on the streaming device.

comcast_and_rokuWhat on your streaming list with Roku? The ultimate streaming device has been one of the fine sources of entertainment for all the users out there. With the dazzling features and fascinating services, Roku has established itself as one of the key players of the streaming devices. Its amazing diversity of channels under the different sections has been the amazing way to provide the best streaming experience to all the potential users across the global boundaries. And its diverse range of products has also been the key reason to grab the eyeballs of many new users in the list. If you are on the list of new users, then you can simply go to Roku Com Link to create your Roku account.

Xfinity app from ComcastWith the pace of market and the fine ability, Roku has also been the prime choice for other companies in the fine category of streaming devices. And this is the reason that Comcast has headed to the streaming device for testing the beta version of its Xfinity streaming app. The move by Comcast is actually taken to mark the availability of cable services with the use of an app through a streaming device, rather than the old traditional cable boxes provided by the company. This kind of efforts is actually being taken to compete with the major tv apps like Amazon video Prime, HULU, Netflix, and Crackle. While making the announcement, Comcast clarify all the potential users who are willing to try out the app should have the set-top box in their home. And it should also be a subscriber of the company’s internet and cable services. But, in future, all the users can use the app without any set top box. Being a Roku user, if you wish to get the app on your Roku device, then you must ensure that there is not any kind of issue with your Roku device. In case if your Roku not connecting to your tv, then you can go for some of the basic solutions, which includes the checking of settings of your Roku device, turning off and on to refresh the device, resetting the device, and ensuring the fine internet and server connectivity.

All the Roku owners can simply head to download the beta version of Xfinity app, which will allow the Roku users to access the recorded and on-demand content with the live television in the list. The app is currently free for Roku users which may come at a charge after the beta version gets ended. In the beta version of the app, users will be able to explore the beta Roku channel and Comcast will continue to track and improve the performance of the app. Currently, the app is available on all that Roku models which were released in the recent years. You can simply add the beta version of the app from the Roku channel store. Apart from this, if you counter any kind of tech bug with your streaming device, then you can navigate to Www Support Roku Com to get the fine assistance and solutions.

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