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Now Stream Oscar Nominated Movies On Roku Platform

Your Roku platform keeps you updated with all the latest events and happenings. Now as award season is coming near. So, Roku has planned to keep you in touch with Oscar awards by giving you the opportunity of watching Oscar nominated movies on Roku platform.

Your Roku platform that includes Roku streaming stick and Roku streaming devices or players let you stream your favorite content or you can say you can stream whatever you want. Even you can keep yourself updated with your Roku platform. You can watch latest events and happenings on your Roku player. Now the award season is approaching near. So, it means you will have a lot of entertainment to catch up on. You can enjoy the movies that have been nominated for Oscars on your own Roku player. Yes, you can enjoy almost all the nominated movies with your Roku player. For more information, you can take Roku Help.

Now the question arises how will you find out when the movies and TV shows are available for streaming?  One is to visit www Roku Com Support and know everything that you want to know. Another way is Roku feed that is a wonderful feature that gives you automatic updates for your favorite Tv shows, movies, and more. Many Roku customers are following award nominated movies like La La Land and Hidden Figures, so, they are alerted as soon as the movies will be available for streaming. This is not the only one, there are many other top movies that award nominated also Most Roku customers are following them. Here’s the list of those movies that will soon available for streaming on your Roku platform and that are award nominated also:

  • Moana (available on Fandango NOW and VUDU)
  • Sully (Amazon Video, Fandango NOW and VUDU)
  • Fences
  • Trolls (Amazon Video, Fandango NOW, Google Play and VUDU)
  • Suicide Squad (Amazon Video and VUDU)
  • Hacksaw Ridge (Fandango NOW, Google Play and VUDU)
  • Arrival (Amazon Video, Fandango NOW, Google Play and VUDU)
  • Hidden Figures
  • Sing
  • Passengers
  • La La Land
  • Doctor Strange (Amazon Video, Fandango NOW and VUDU)
  • Deepwater Horizon (Amazon Video, Fandango NOW, Google Play, Sling TV and VUDU)
  • Nocturnal Animals (Fandango NOW and VUDU)
  • Moonlight (Fandango NOW and VUDU)

The customers of Roku have a great taste in entertainment. So, we can bet that these movies will surely win big this coming award season. It will be interesting to see which movie will win what award. If you haven’t subscribed Roku, then hurry up otherwise you will miss these award nominated movies. For using Roku, you need to have a Roku account and for this you can take experts’ advice at Roku Account Setup. After subscribing Roku successfully, you will be able to stream all these movies on various Roku channels as and when they will be available. So, what are thinking? Hurry up before it’s too late and wishes you a very happy streaming. Also if you are having trouble in Roku link activation then visit Www roku com link.

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