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Not able to stream RightNow Media on your Roku- Know why?

Not able to stream RightNow Media on your Roku- Know why

Are you unable to stream RightNow media on your Roku then you need to know what leads to these types of issues. Here we will come to know the various troubleshooting steps to resolve these issues.

Roku devices are very easy to access and that’s why it has gained immense popularity and topped the sales as well. Roku offers myriad of TV shows and movies which are offered by various channels. Sometimes when our device is working so fine, suddenly we come across certain issues like video quality not good, not able to hear any audio etc. For instance, you are having any difficulty in streaming RightNow media on your Roku then you are at a right place. Here we will discuss the possible causes of such issues and their solutions as well.

rightnow-mediaHowever, we encounter most of the streaming issues because of the network connection. It is recommended at least 3Mbps for each computer or any device which is connected to your network.

In case if you want to connect your Roku to the Wi-Fi then you need to make sure that distance between your Roku and wireless network is appropriate and there should be no obstructions such as walls, shelves or any appliances its between your device and router. Plus you can check the signal strength that your Roku is receiving by going to settings and then network. If your screen is not displaying the network connection then you can update the connection or set up the new one is necessary.

internet-speed-iconHow fast is your Network:

You can check the speed of your network by following below steps.

  1. Press these buttons on you remote Home, Home, Home, Home, Home, Rewind, Rewind, Rewind, FF, FF
  2. Now choose enable playback debugging.
  3. After this, just exit and find a video to play
  • You will the all information about the bit rate that your Roku is receiving from your network.
  • If the bit rate is slower than 3Mbps and you should try positioning your Roku to a correct location where it will get maximum signal. In case of difficulty you can contact your internet service provider for troubleshooting.
  • If you still experiencing interruptions, then try using the previous remote code to change the bit rate and change it to max 3.5 Mbps settings.

Stream RightNow Media on your RokuWho else is using your Network:

If you have many computers and devices connected to your network, you’ll need much faster connection. You should also ensure that no one else is using your network. The best possible solution for this problem is using “private “network which can be only accessed by you.

Network Interference:

There might be many things which interferes with your wireless networks such as microwaves, wireless speakers, certain external monitors, wireless RF video etc.

Further , navigate to Www roku com support and here Roku technical support will help you in combating various network issues which might be interrupting RightNow Media or other channels or apps.

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