Nine Outstanding Apps (Channels) For Your Roku Device That Makes It The Best Streamer In 2016

  1. Netflix:

TNetflix on rokuhere are more than 1000 apps (channels) available on Roku app, which you can download or subscribe. Netflix is one of the best Roku app to download.  The remote of Roku itself contains a Netflix button from where you can directly access this app. This is quicker method to access the app. As Roku developer also know that this app is the most used app by the streaming device users so they provide button on the remote. You can watch cool stuffs like movies and shows on your Smart phone before firing to the big screen.

This device performs similar to the Chromecast device. In order to download the Netflix, you must need to do Roku account setup on your device. The account requires user account with password. If you have registered on your Roku com link then Roku link activation code will be sent to your TV screen. You will have to enter this code on the web link to activate the account. When Roku published Roku 3 then it was the only device available in UK market that streams 4K videos with Full HD 1080p. Ultra HD feature is available in Roku 4 only that is provide to US citizens. No one is in strong competition with this device yet. If your smart TV supports 4k already then it must have Netflix app built-in. If not then you must download it.

Netflix +Roku

  1. Amazon prime instant videos:

This is another best Roku app on the Roku platform. If you have already subscribed to Netflix app and want to sign up on more than one media service then Amazon prime instant video is best. This app sometimes malfunction on some platforms with buffering problem at high definition videos. Roku has removed this problem. With Roku the videos open quickly and smoothly in amazon video app. There is no issue of buffering while watching at high quality. Amazon stores your recent searches so it serves better after your maiden use. The often you use this app, more you will experience and get through it.

amazon instant video

  1. Plex media Server:

Plex on RokuThis app is dedicated for laptop or NAS drive. As soon as you install the media server in your computer and launch the app, you will able to display all the images, music and video files on the TV screen via Roku.There is cloud access option that you can opt by paying extra with this app. With cloud access you can access all your computer files from anywhere, there is no constraint of place if you have chosen this facility. It’s worth spending some extra on it. Plug and play through Roku.Plex media Server on roku

  1. Crunchyroll:

CrunchyrollManga lovers it’s a time to rejoice. Crunchyroll app is available on the Roku. This app streams resources related to manga.  All the Japanese cartoon shows are available for watching on TV screen. If you want to experience slightly disturbing then we will recommend you Dog scissors. This app is available on the android as well as iOS market store. If you want to flit through mobile without playing via Roku. In case of any problem take Roku help from official website.Crunchyroll on Roku

  1. Spotify:

SportifyIf you are smart TV has high power speakers then turn it into the giant by using the Spotify app. This is a music app from where you can listen to favorite music with account subscription. The best thing about Spotify is that you can play the songs from the playlist quickly without holding your phone. If you want to experience the boom sound then connect the external speaker with it. All this is possible if you successfully done Roku com link code enter.

Sportify on Roku

  1. YouTube:youtube-on-roku

This app is also already available on the Roku remote. Press the button and start accessing the video contents from different channels under it. The quality of videos is available in many pixel. You can watch up to 1080p HD videos. Play the videos on your mobile and fling them on to the TV. You tube supports 4K videos and Roku devices in UK currently plays 1080p video contents.

  1. Nowhere TV:

 It’s quite uncommon app, this app is available on the Roku app for watching the other TV shows that are officially not available on Roku.  There are lots of contents provided by this app from various channels like AI Jazeera news, NASA TV and TED talks. There is vast selection of channels from spiritual world too in this app that makes you feel like as you have old school cable TV. If you want to add more private channels then go the Roku website and Tap on account and add a channel.  A Roku com link code will appear on the screen. Click on it.

  1. Sky news:

This app covers all the live feed. All the highlights of what happen in country in 24 hours, seven days a week is available on this app.

Sky News on Roku

  1. Now TV:

If you are addicted to games and want to watch latest series then Now TV is best option for you without any subscription. You will have to pay only for that what you want to access through this app. No fixed and hidden charges are there in this app.