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New Free Roku Channels will be Added

Roku is the platform that allows you stream the content of your choice with the help of different Roku devices. Roku also offers you many channels that you can stream for free, as well as some, are paid. Adding to Roku there will five new channels. Let’s check out what channels will be added.

Your Roku platform gives you access to streaming many channels free and paid both. You can stream whatever channels you have purchased from Roku Channel Store and the channels that you own. Free channels can be easily accessible for paid channels you need to buy subscriptions.

Roku always aim towards the entertainment of its viewers. Roku not only offers channels for streaming but also offers streaming device so that your streaming experience will be a smoother one. Roku Help is always there to help and guide you when encounter any issue.

Many Roku customers always want to know about the free channels like where they can find new and free Roku channels. Without any hesitation, you can visit the official website of Roku which is www Roku Com Support for knowing about the channels of Roku. But now the good news is that Roku is going to add five new channels that are free and you can enjoy them without spending even a single penny.

So, here is the list of newly added channels that are free and you just need to click on Roku Com Link for downloading them:

Epic Meal Time

The crew of EMT keep featuring the captivating videos of the foods that you will never knew that you wanted to eat them, including 100lb pizza slice, the 115036 calorie Nutella Bomb, and the 50-Pound Fried Chicken sandwich. These are the foods you can never even dream of eating them but you can see them on tis Roku channel.


This channel will not only bring you the best of Spaghetti Western, but all the things including Old West from classic Westerns to Chapter Serials to Classic Western TV. Draw has all and everything.


Is your career on the track, but your apartment a mess? Are you an Instagram Foodie but a kitchen disaster as well? TPSY is here to help you. It simply means Tips-free. This is channel that will actually make your life easier, better, and fulfilling. You can come for the Makeup, Fashion, Pets, Cocktails, decoration Tips, Travel, Food, and much more.

Text Twist

This is a game the countdown is on as you need to make as many words as possible with either six or seven letters. You need to find out the combination with most letters and then you will move to the next level. This is a classic world scramble for a digital world. Just take a break and exercise your brain all at once.

The Sweet Spot

This channels shares stories behind the stats and brings you players, coaches, artists, photographers, bat boys, authors, fans and more who share deep personal and inside stories that you will not find anywhere else. This is the home for a diehard fan with stories and documentaries on Mr. Club Ernie Banks and the baseball pioneers behind the A league of their own.

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