New features coming with Roku OS 7.5

New features coming with OS 7.5 Roku

Roku users will be glad to know that Roku OS 7.5 is coming soon to Roku TV models. If you’re a Roku user then wait for this astonishing operating system.

As we all are familiar with this popular device, Roku plus we know that Roku adds many updates and new features as well. So if we’re talking about the news features or aspects then here we have some good news for Roku users that today Roku is beginning the release of Roku OS 7.5, the latest version of the OS to Roku streaming players and Roku TVs. Run your vision to this latest version and know more about it. If you’re already a Roku user then you are free to take Roku help anytime by getting in touch with Roku professionals and experts.

New features coming with Roku OS 7.5As proud owners of popular streaming devices, your experience always stays new with automatic software updates offering new aspects and fixes to give you an experience of amazing streaming. Today we are starting the release of Roku OS 7.5, the newest version of the operating system to Roku streaming players and Roku TVs. This version grips some rousing new features that we know you will love including Live TV Pause and mobile private listening. Whether you bought your streaming device today or spent your money on one of the first Roku TVs launched in the year of 2014, you’ll get these astonishing new features. Roku OS 7.5 will soon start roll out to Roku TV models bringing extra value and amusement to your experience of streaming.

Live TV Pause for Roku TV models:

Roku OS 7.5 is coming soon to Roku TV models Now if you’re getting a play with Live TV pause, then what else you need. When an antenna is linked to your Roku TV, you can now pause and playback digital broadcast TV in a facile manner to make sure you never miss a moment of the action when you step ahead to the kitchen for a snack run. Using this latest aspect, over-the-air TV can be held for 90 minutes above. Live TV Pause needs a USB storage device which holds 16GB or more of storage capacity to be linked to your Roku TV.

Mobile private listening feature:
Roku OS 7.5 brings a well-liked aspect that’s right now available on select Roku players* to all Roku TV models. When using the newest version of the Roku mobile app (V3.6.0), Roku TV users can take benefits and joy of private listening through their mobile device while streaming. With this new aspect, now without disturbing anyone, you can listen up the music loud as much as you can. Simply launch the Roku mobile app for iOS or Android while linked to the same wireless network as your Roku TV, connect a set of headphones to your mobile device and take a joy.

Mobile-Private-Listening-for-Roku-TV-modelsClick here to learn more about what’s included in Roku OS 7.5, including an update to the Play on Roku feature for the Roku mobile app that lets your buddies share their images on the huge screen plus users can also the screen mirroring feature to the Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra. To know more about these models and this latest OS 7.5, you can visit Roku’s official site or you can get in touch with professionals. For any technical support, you can trek ahead to Www support roku com. Rest the roll out of Roku OS 7.5 is expected to be finished before the holidays.

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