Movies to Watch This Weekend on Roku


Every weekend Roku Setup comes with a new stuff to make your weekend more enjoyable. Moreover, this new stuff is free it means you can watch this stuff without any payment or subscription. What else you want if you are getting new stuff for free of cost to watch that will make your weekend more entertaining. Here’s the list of the new content that you can watch this weekend:

Igor (Tubi TV): The story is about a hunchback assistant of a lab who grabs a chance to become an evil scientist and he creates a monster of his own for entering the kingdom annual science fair.

Mad Max (Tubi TV): this story revolves around a future police officer who strikes back against motorized threats to see the leftover of society after a nuclear holocaust.

The Pursuit of Happiness (Crackle): This is the story about a single father and his young son who endure many hardships to provide a better future to both.

About A Boy (Crackle): This is story about an irresponsible playboy who becomes attached to a woman’s 12-year-old son.

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Crash (Crackle): The story is about the racial tensions crash in an assemblage of intertwined stories involving the residents.

Jumanji (Crackle): The story is about a magic board game that brings forth African dangers and a guy who disappeared in 1969 while playing with it.

Sahara (Tubi TV): This is the story about a treasure hunter and his sidekick who joins forces with a doctor in search of an allied ship in Africa.

Inside Man (Crackle): This is the story of a mysterious woman who threatens to push past the breaking point a volatile game between a detective and a bank robber.

I Don’t Know How She Does It (VUDU’s Movies on Us section): This is the story about a new account in New York that requires a lot of travel threatens for derailing a Boston -based financial executive’s attempt to disguise family and work.

All Dogs Go To Heaven (Tubi TV and VUDU’s Movies on US section): This is the story about a junkyard dog who returns to life and his dachshund companion in the year 1939 New Orleans.

So, this was the list of the movies that you can enjoy this weekend on your Roku platform. If you have your Roku Link Code, then you can easily the details of your content on Roku.

Happy Streaming!