More Entertainment with Roku Search, Having More Than 50 Channels

roku channels

Roku one of the best streaming device, covering more than 50 channels for your entertainment in their  Roku search so that you can enjoy the services seamlessly. With our universal search you can easily find the currently playing movies and other TV shows and these are filtered on basis of their price. Currently, the top streaming channels are SHOWTIME, Crackle,  Hulu,  Amazon Video and  Google Play Movies & TV. This feature is popular among the Roku user these days. You just need to have Roku set up link for this, which will configure your Roku device into your laptop or smartphone.

Let’s take an example of any movie which you would like to watch: suppose The ‘Narcos’, you just have to enter in Roku search and you will see the list of channels where it is available. Another feature is that if you are subscribed to Hulu or Time warner cable then you can watch it even free. There is available Roku help for any kind of help you require during your search.


We are feeling pleasure to reveal that Roku search can now searches more than 50 channels for first time. These channels are: Amazon Video, , BIGSTAR, CBS All Access, ABC, , ABC News, FXNOW , Dove Channel, Bloomberg TV, Fox News Channel,, DramaFever, Encore Play, CinemaNow, HBO GO, NAT GEO TVNBC News, Nick Jr.,Pop Flix Classic Movies, Netflix, VH1, Viewster, , Watch HGTV, SHOWTIME, Premiere, SnagFilms Watch Free Movies, Crackle,  CONtv, Watch Travel Channel, Starz Play, Tubi TV, Popcornflix, Tribeca Shortlist, WATCH Cooking Channel, Time Warner Cable, Shout Factory TV, Google Play, Smithsonian Channel.


You just require a link code which will be noted from Roku link code activation link and the code will be activated automatically. There is nothing to worry, if you are not able to access these channels just got to our support in our www Roku com link typed on the address bar of your computer and you will find the diagnostic tools there for your support.

There are now 3 ways to explore the news contents on your Roku gallery.

  1. The very first way is to select the news headlines from list of given categories from AOL. The categories available will be entertainment, sports, lifestyle and tech. The news menu appears on the home screen of your Roku search.
  2. The Second option involves streaming and watching directly from 200+ News and Weather streaming channels available on Roku store. You will definitely find the news outlet of your choice.
  3. Another best and new option available to you is through Roku search. You need to add Roku com link in your smartphone or desktop to avail this feature. You will find a lot of options available to you with Roku search like CBS News, Fox News, ABC News, NBC News and many more expected to come in next couple of months.


Keeping in mind that customers always prefer to search for latest headlines, they offer an option to read full news of previous week by just typing the title. You can also read the news of particular day by entering the date of that particular day.

Roku tries to bring all which user wishes to watch, in best and suitable way. The company feels pride in bringing these capabilities and new search for you and helps in strengthening the experience with streaming device like Roku TV and Roku players. User shall stay tuned for any additions in forthcoming months.