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Meet Roku Express And Roku Ultra

Recently, Roku introduced a new line of Roku streaming players such as Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra. In this blog, we going to know about them, their specifications and pricing.

We all have heard about Roku which is a device that has been appreciated by people and due to its popularity and demand it was able to score the highest rank in the market as the streaming players are concerned. It ranges from basic version of Roku to advanced Roku streaming stick which offers best streaming experience. It lets you stream from various services such as Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV Amazon, and HBO etc. If you face any problem regarding your streaming device than you can navigate to www support roku com where you will find good assistance regarding your various Roku devices.

Roku has established itself as a great streaming player which is in high demand in the market due to its facile application and easy to install set up. Earlier Roku had Roku1,2,3 and 4 and now these have been replaced by their new versions such as  Roku Express, Roku Express+ ,Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra and this new line up Roku offers streamer for everybody’s need.

We have basic Roku Express which is a good option for the person who wants to start streaming with Roku device or they can also visit Roku com to get more information about Roku devices, its set up and see what it offers and those who wants to upgrade to a better version of Roku then this Roku Express is the ideal choice for them and another one is Roku Ultra which is a high-end product by Roku. So, here we are going to discuss them in details.

Let’s start with Roku Express which is priced at $29.99 MSRP) and Roku Express+ for ($39.99 MSRP). It offers 1080p HD streaming. The Roku Express+ is available exclusively at Walmart and can turn you old TV to a smart TV through composite jack and A/V cables.

When we talk about fast performance and 4K streaming and HDR support than what other can be better than Roku Ultra. It is great for streaming HD and 4K plus you don’t need a 4K TV for streaming it. It comes at $129.99 MSRP which is quite high but 4 K and HDR streaming lovers will be happy to pay some extra amount for these.

Moreover, Roku Ultra features remote finder so whenever your remote goes missing you can use this feature. Also, headphones are available for private listening, gaming buttons. How can we miss out on Roku Premiere and Roku Premiere+ which is priced at ($79.99 MSRP) and ($99.99 MSRP) respectively.Both of these offers powerful streaming with 4 K resolution. The Roku Premiere+ also offers enhanced point –anywhere remote and headphones which enable private listening.

Roku platform is huge and it features more than 3,500 streaming channels which deliver 350,000 movies and TV episodes. Not only this, but provides you with 100 streaming channels in Roku search where you can choose your favorite from the list. Now you know lot more about these exclusive new devices so for which one you are going for.By creating Roku account and linking it you require a Roku link code and you can get all the instruction related to linking it on Roku com link. If still, you are not able to figure out the whole linking procedure then you can take the help of Roku professionals those will effortlessly find a solution for your problem.

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