Know which device is suitable for you, Chromecast Ultra or Roku Premiere+?

Google Chromecast Ultra vs Roku Premiere +

Here we have a genuine comparison of Chromecast Ultra and Roku Premiere+, this may help you out to decide that which device is best for you. In San Francisco, Google recently revealed the new Chromecast Ultra and is set to be available from November to purchase. The new Chromecast is blessed with 4K streaming and HDR image quality and it’s going to be an ideal alternative for Roku Premiere+.

An appropriate comparison between Google Chromecast Ultra and Roku Premiere+ is discussed so that it will help you to choose which one is the best choice for you

Google Chromecast Ultra:


•    Unlike the Chromecast, the Chromecast Ultra, you will only get the Chromecast Ultra in black lemon and coral.

•    Users can easily tuck away Chromecast Ultra neatly behind their television and only the charging cable and Ethernet cable (should you select to one) will be captured by your vision.

•    If we talk about hardware, users can stream 4K and include HDR image quality which lesser streaming devices will not.

•    Google utters the Chromecast Ultra is 1.8 times swift than the previous version but successful streaming of 4K content will reliable on the service via your ISP and whether you’re using the wired connection or Wi-Fi connection. For smooth 4K playback, Netflix recommends 25mb/s

Chromecast Ultra•    Google Chromecast provides wired networking ports with that a power adaptor Ethernet ports to make this link even simple.

•    Google Chromecast supports high and fine sound quality. It is controlled with the help of your phone or tablet.

Using the Google cast app.

•    Chromecast Ultra provides access from a variety of providers which holds Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and it also supports music, radio, games and a variety of several apps available on Google play.

Roku Premiere+:

Roku Premiere +Here we’re talking about Roku Premiere now, those who are already using this amazing streaming device can step ahead to Roku Com for the better assistance and solution.

•    Roku Premiere+ vision captures its appearance in a sleep back units that harks to the conventional set-top box style.

•    The Roku Premiere+ Users can stream video content of 720p and 1080p on capable Ultra HD televisions (4k). On the other hand the Chromecast Ultra also offers of Dolby vision which the Roku Premiere+ does not.

Roku-Premiere-streaming•    Roku Premiere+ provides wired networking ports and works with 802.11ac MIMO dual-band wireless. For additional channel storage, it has the added advantage of a microSD card slot.

•    In audio Roku Premiere users will get the ‘night listening mode’ and ‘private listening’ option.

•    Roku Premiere+ is controlled using mobile app of Roku which is blessed with voice search ability, users can easily search their favorite content.

•    It has the advantage of providing Amazon Video out of the box where the Google Chromecast fails to offer this advantage.


rokupremiere2016The Google Chromecast Ultra, you can get this device by spending $69 and Roku Premiere+ holds little higher price of $99.99

If you have the affordability then Chromecast Ultra is a genuine choice but if you are looking for simple content and access Roku Premiere is an ideal choice and option for you. If you’re a current Roku user then, you can visit Www support roku com for the better assistance or solution.

So here’s the difference between Chromecast Ultra and Roku Premiere+, above given comparison may help you out to choose or decide that which one is suitable for you. If we talk about Chromecast then no doubt, this device comes under your budget with good features but on another hand, we have one more popular name and i.e. Roku, which not only earned the popularity but also highest rank in the US markets. Both devices are best at their places, we won’t say that you should go for this particular device. We just kept comparison in front of you, now it’s up to you which device you will choose for yourself. For more info can get in touch with professionals or visit official sites of Roku and Chromecast.

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