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Important tips to track down the SOLID RED LIGHT on your Roku streaming player

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Streaming the high-quality content with your Roku streaming player is highly appreciative. But, on some occasions, you have to witness a SOLID RED LIGHT on your Roku streaming player. Get some important tips to track down this issue with all possible ways.

Roku red LED 350How the journey is going with Roku streaming player? I don’t need to guess because there are many satisfactory answers which can come up by having the best services on your side. And taking on one of the best streaming devices in the market, Roku has emerged as one of the ultimate sources of getting high-quality content without compromising in the verities of content availability. The streaming device has actually solved the problem of streaming the limited range of content with low-quality, which are just the gone days. With the digitization, the streaming device has evolved itself with the better changes, and one of them is the diverse range of Roku devices, which has better up the experience of all the users. Not only the existing one, but the device is also adding many new streamers in its list, which is quite appreciative. If there is any new streamer, who is looking out to get started with Roku, they first need to go Roku Account Setup to setup their account with Roku. Even, you can also navigate to www Roku com link to settle your account with Roku.

roku remote not workingAfter setting up the account, the start streamers have to face Roku remote not working kind of issues, which is quite unsatisfactory for all the user sitting out there. You don’t need to buckle up your mind if your Roku not working, you just need to head to the extensive support team of Roku experts which will resolve your problems with the best possible solutions. Still, there are some issues, which actually need the urgent treatment, like the SOLID RED LIGHT on your Roku streaming player. There are some of the users which have a light on the front of the unit. Under normal condition, the light is white or off and when you press the buttons on the Roku remote, a light may get flash. If there is no light is flashing, then your Roku player is in the overheating stage.

Things you can do if you face this situation-

Note: Be attentive as the unit may be very hot.

  1. Carefully detach the power cable from your Roku player and keep it for some time to get it cool down.Roku temperture on-screen warning
  2. Now you need to search out an appropriate location, where you can place your Roku to make it cool. While applying this, avoid some of the places, where the player should not be placed: –
  1. Avoid any kind of closed place or any cabinet to place your Roku player. This may lead to no change in the condition of your Roku player.
  2. Avoid to put your Roku player on tops of any other electronic devices such as routers, cable boxes, or AVR receivers.
  3. Don’t ever put your Roku player in the sunlight, as it may lead to some serious situation. Well, this step is quite obvious that you will not apply.
  1. Now, you have to wait for at least 10 minutes to let your Roku cool down.  Once the player gets cool down, you can attach the power adapter back in and should wait for the player to turn on. If the light is still SOLID RED, then quickly head to detach the power cable.
  2. Repeat the third step, if you still face the same problem, then you should avoid using your Roku player and immediately contact the expert’s customer support section to get the required solutions to counter the problem.