HTML 5 Should Not Be A Navigation Standard Advised By Roku To Wheeler


Roku is a product for streaming the videos online. It’s a large platform. It covers Roku streaming stick, Roku TV and Roku streaming players. There are some standards which are to be followed for video distribution in Roku Smart set top boxes. As per the current standard it has been said by the Roku team that it is not possible to use HTML 5 for video distribution because of its bulkiness and cost. We will discuss in detail about this issue in this article.

In a recent meeting with FCC chairman Tom wheeler regarding app based proposal, it has been said by the Roku that replacing current set top box with some alternative other than cable will create HTML5 as standard of video distribution.


Consumers have already demonstrated their preference on the devices through their experience as told by the Roku. FCC staff after cross checking the MPVD proposals have recommended that using HTML5 may be suitable for the app developers to grant access to the different components. In reply to this recommendation, Roku feels HTML5 is heavy and costly that also requires 3rd party manufacturers for memory and processing support. The manufacturers also agreed to the FCC directions for promoting a market with third party video devices and giving essential features. The features are:

Numerous apps: If FCC goes for app based approach then it is not mandated to use HTML 5 but requires MPVD such platform.

No entry of third party in app development: There is no provision for MPVD to support third party app because it will overthrow the purpose of promoting it as competitor. FCC told that MPVD should offer other apps too for providing access to third party app but that doesn’t satisfy the commission’s set top box.

Direct delivery: MPVD has to provide support to the apps that provide content directly to users, who are paying for it in form of MPVD package.

Metadata: Rich metadata to users by MPVD must be ensured for searching and browsing.

Non-discrimination: This must be ensured that there is no discrimination by the FCC to the MPVD in terms of services provided to the user.

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