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How To Use A Classic Roku HD Player?

Yes you heard it right. Roku has been around since the time when HD was a big deal. Roku has come all the way from times of RCA ports to present and Roku com link. Roku once manufactured humongous boxes to stream internet TV. Now in days of apps which are X platform wiz, cross platform, Roku has come to manufacturing miniature thumb drive streaming devices as mentioned on www Roku com link.

Issue: obsolete

Roku 4 and Roku stick are two flagship streaming devices by Roku. Roku 4 is a conventional set top box device by Roku. It has a quad core processor and is capable of streaming 4K content. It comes with a smart remote control with headphone jack and Roku com as landing page. Roku stick has same specifications as Roku 4. It has highest resolution of 1080p. Its remote control is the same except headphone jack but Roku link support is still there.

Current Roku devices come with Roku OS7 so they can be controlled via smartphones too as understandable from Roku help. However, there was a time when classic Roku player capable of playing HD was popular. It was the pioneer of TV viewing. It supported a 720p HD ready and 1080p, 1080i Full HD format as seen on www Roku com support.

Solution: practical usage limitations

Classic Roku HD player also had authentication procedures. It was one of the few at that time which used a multifactor authentication. Multifactor authentication means making use of e-mail and phone numbers to authenticate if the user is the owner himself.

This feature made Roku more reliable than others along with Roku link code. Users could easily put in their credit card details without worrying that someone would bankrupt them by using their credentials. Roku link is called multifactor authentication. Whenever a new user or an old user goes to a new Roku hardware they have to confirm their id from Roku link website by multifactor authentication during Roku account setup .

There is also relative usage of Roku HD player classic now. There are many popular apps which do not work on it. This is because they have been updated for newer devices. Updates mean that they will need more resources. More resource usage means that older players will get obsolete. These app makers have also pulled back support for older devices so there are no older version apps for older players too.

App environment incompatibility

Further there are app makers like Netflix, Hulu and Plex. These app giants still provide support for older devices like Roku stick first generation and Roku HD classic player in their Roku set up. Though apps are available and they run, there are a lot of great new features missing on them.

Though it is great to see how older devices have not gone obsolete. They are capable to run Netflix and Plex easily. Though Hulu is highly demanding on classic player HD. These devices are not meant for day to day usage. These are more of a collector edition items where we can see how these worked.

Even if you want to use your classic player, just connect it to a TV. Netflix will bring you most of the content you want and Plex will act as a home server and will serve the need for streaming videos. It is a great source of entertainment even now. However this device along with many other do not support a 5GHZ Wi-Fi connection.

They also do not support latest smart remote and voice search. Multifactor authentication has been updated in years and these devices have an older security protocol. It is also advisable to not insert your credential details into them as they can get hacked easily at this point of time.

Quick tip:

While Roku stick 1 still has technical support from Roku so it is secure to use, classic player HD is out of technical support from last 3 years. Even if you want to use it, you might want to add a capping on your credit card before entering the details. It will majorly be a Netflix cable TV with Plex server.

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