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How To Troubleshoot The Video Playback Issues Of HBO GO Channel On Roku?

Roku is a streaming media player that playback the contents from the internet. You need a strong internet connection for playing videos or music files from the different channel. You will find number of apps in the form of ‘channels’ on Roku com link from where you can subscribe to individual channel either by paying the charges or free of cost.

Today, in this blog post we will discuss that how you can improve and troubleshoot the video play back issue while trying to watch HBO GO channel on Roku. HBO GO channel requires a high speed internet connection for playing the videos on the big screen with the help of Roku device. It is the advantage of this channel that it adjusts the video quality according the signal strength of internet connection. It means that if your internet connection has limited speed then the HBO go will play the video at basic quality. You are required to setup Roku account on your device so as to get access to the millions of channels from Roku store. While playing a video from the channel, if the video keeps on buffering for long time then it means that there is problem with your internet connection.

Now we will discuss the techniques to improve the video playback on Roku device. You can try these methods in order to watch the high quality of videos on Roku player. You must know that there is need of Roku link code for watching the contents of each channel so this must be entered in the available space so as to unlock the channel access.

  1. Check the internet speed: If you want to enjoy the best quality video on your TV screen then the internet speed must match with the requirements of a channel. You can check the internet speed with the help of online software’s. The minimum speed required for video playback is 3 MBPS. You can take the speed test at different time intervals. You must match the results with the required level so that if there is need to resolve this issue, then you can easily do it.
  2. Power cycle your devices: Here is the process to power cycle your devices.
  • Remove the Roku player from the power supply.
  • Unplug the network devices like modem and router.
  • Connect the modem again then your router. The sequel for connecting the device must be maintained.
  • Now plug back the Roku again into the TV.
  • Log on to HBO Go and try watching the video. In case of more help and support, go to www Support Roku com link.
  1. Try the tips: There are some streaming tips that are provided on the Roku official website, you can try these tips for better streaming. Some of the tips include: uninstalling the faulty channel and re-installing it again in your Roku with the help of Roku store. You can uninstall the channel directly with the help of Roku remote. Go to Roku com website for accessing the tools and channels for your player. The channels are common for all the Roku devices. You can subscribe to any channel by paying a subscription fees. Add more and more channels in your playing list from the private channels. Selection of right Roku device plays an important role in improving the streaming experience.
  2. Select the wired network: when the speed of your wireless network is limited, then connect your Roku device to the wired network through Ethernet cable. To connect to the wired network, you must go through the below-mentioned settings.
  • Go to the settings from the Roku home screen.
  • Select the network type and click on ‘wired’ network.
  • Click to connect to the wired network.

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