How To Resolve ‘No Sound’ Problem In Roku 3?

Roku 3

Are you confronting an issue of ‘No sound with your Roku 3 player, then there is nothing to stress and also, no compelling reason to take help from www Roku com link. We will help you today. When you connect HDMI link with your Roku player then you may get this issue.

roku 3 boxThis issue can be effortlessly fixed by executing the basic steps examined in this blog entry. The steps are very simple and confirmed by the authority Roku site too. I know whether you are getting this issue on your Roku gadget, then you may feel annoyed or bothering with this condition. The changeless answer for this issue is yet not accessible on the official connection but rather you can attempt the arrangement portrayed in this blog entry and it will bail you out.

We also want to mention here that this issue is not identified with Roku media streaming player but rather with the HDMI connection. You may encounter this ‘no sound issue on different gadgets like TV boxes and Dish also that are connected to the TV with the assistance of HDMI link. At that point, you need to do Roku setup, for which, you can sign onto official Roku site.

Roku3The sound signals on HDMI port get resentful for the most part when you change from one HDMI port to other. Here we are discussing Roku port, when you exchange your port from HDMI to Roku connected port then you may encounter this issue and get different Roku codes. This results in Roku not working issue. The Roku blunder code 014 is identified with the connection issue. If your HDMI link is not connected appropriately, then this code will be shown on the screen. Today we will disclose the steps to work around this issue.

Solution: If you need to play your favorite contents through Roku gadget, then don’t change straightly from one HDMI port to the next that has connected Roku gadget. The correct approach to moving from HDMI to Roku port is that; first, open the Non-HDMI port and sit tight for a few seconds, then change to the Roku port through your TV remote. There is no compelling reason to perform Roku account setup, as that won’t enhance the circumstance.

Select the correct port from the rundown of accessible HDMI ports and switch on your Roku gadget. Take for example: in the event that you have connected more than one gadget to your TV like DVD player on HDMI 1 and Direct TV on HDMI 2, and Roku 3 on HDMI 3, then first change to normal TV and after that that, the HDMI 3 port. When you open the Roku gadget, then you will be required to enter the Roku connect actuation code for every single channel which you need to stream.

Use Roku remote to enter a Roku activation code in an applicable field. In the event that you observe that Roku remote not working, then check the batteries of your remote and supplant them if required.

Important Note: The most important thing that we can’t deny is that in the event that you have connected DirecTV on one of your TV HDMI port, then this might be the purpose behind your issue. This has announced by many individuals that their TV goes imbecilic in the wake of playing DirecTV on smart TV. So you should manage this issue as opposed to skirting the real issue.

Another good news for you is Roku 4 will vanquish this issue through the firmware update and you won’t get the same ‘no sound issue with this recently discharged gadget. In addition, the execution and speed of Roku 4 are obviously better than Roku 3 gadget. This is the most recent and refreshed gadget. In the event that you confront a similar issue on this gadget, then the issue is certainly in the HDMI yet not with the gadget itself. Your Roku 3 is not squandered, you can connect it to another Normal TV or gift it to your precious ones.