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How To Reset Your Roku Streaming Stick?

Esteemed streamers who are streaming the best content from the Roku streaming device, should know the easy steps to counter the issues with their Roku streaming stick. Get to know the simple steps to reset your streaming stick of your streaming device.

How are you doing with your streaming device? Well, I know there are lots of reasons to adore the services of the device in a satisfactory way. When we look at the best streaming content, there are many streaming devices which have been there in the market. But, out of them, Roku has emerged as one of the prime streaming devices in the market. With a diverse range of its products, the streaming device has constantly improved. Apart from the diverse ranges, there are many instances, when you have to face the issue of Roku not connecting to the server due to many reasons like wireless connection issues, error codes etc. If you got the Roku tv, there may be some occasion when you have to face the issue of Hdcp Unauthorized Roku, which can be now solved with the support of Roku.

In between these diverse ranges of Roku devices, there is Roku streaming stick, which actually plays a key role to access the streaming device in a superlative way. The Roku streaming is the way to stream some of the best content providers, which includes Hulu, Netflix, Sling Tv and HBO. This is just the basic function of this amazing device. You can grab the best entertainment from this streaming device in a promising way. Apart from streaming the best content, sometimes the device has to face some problematic issues, which need to sort out to get the device working correctly. This is the reason we are here with the hard and soft reset of Roku streaming stick to counter all the issues.

Soft reset

The section involves the simple setup by reaching to the factory reset option.

  1. The first thing which you need to is to navigate to the settings menu.
  2. Secondly, you need to select the Advanced system settings.
  3. Now tap on the Factory reset option.
  4. Now, simply enter the code on-screen. You might also get the Roku link activation code on your screen, which needs to get entered. You need to follow the instructions, after that your Roku will get back to the factory settings within few minutes.  You can navigate to www Roku com link to get more information regarding the link activation code.

Hard reset

If the soft reset doesn’t work for you, then you can go for the hard reset. It’s not the best option for your device, but it can be a better option. Let’s go for it

  1. Locating the reset button on your Roku- Locating the reset button depends upon the model. The older models require a pin or paper clip to reset. But, now the newer models come with the reset buttons, like the Roku streaming stick (2016) or Roku 4.
  2. Hold the reset button- You just need to hold down the reset button, until the logo of the device appears on the screen. After the screen appears, you can follow the setup process. If you counter any issue, you can go for Roku help to get the proper solutions.

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