How To Fix An Issue Of Streaming Hulu Channel On Roku Device?


As we all know that Roku is best known for streaming the media contents on to the TV. You can watch variety of contents on your TV with the help of Roku device and Roku channels. Without Roku channels, you can’t enjoy the TV shows and movies.

Hulu LogoThere is a need of internet connection with subscription to various Roku channels in order to enjoy the services of Roku. Roku is available in different models in the market and these models are differentiated on the basis of features and performance characteristics. There are some common features also which you will find in all the Roku models.

You are required to complete the Roku setup before starting with casting of streaming media. After that, you can add channels in your Roku feed with the help of remote. These channels are type of apps that we use in other media players. Some channels can be subscribed freely while some are paid. It depends on your choice. Hulu is one of the main channel for watching the live episodes and shows on your TV screen.

hulu-logoYou need to enter the Roku com link code enter for accessing the contents of this channel. If you are not able to stream the contents of this channel then we have brought a troubleshooting steps for you. After applying these steps, you will able to stream the contents of this channels properly. In case of further help, you can go to Roku com website.

The troubleshooting process is defined below:

The shortest step or we can say the trial step to fix this problem is just turn off the router, modem and Roku for 50 seconds then turn it on again.

After switching on the devices, perform a speed test for your internet connection. This will let you know about the incoming speed and the actual speed require. To initialize the speed test go to the speed test website and click on the green button to begin the speed test. Analyze the values with the required value. If the values are at par then its ok otherwise identify the problem in internet connection.

Now the general troubleshooting process common for streaming problems is:

1st step: Turn off all the devices

The primary cause of streaming problem will be resolved after turning off the Roku, router and modem. Keep it in off state for more than 60 seconds then turn on again. For more details go to Roku com link and try to connect to the Hulu channel now.

2nd step: Remove the other devices from the internet

roku-ultraRemove all the device or smart phones connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This will increase the speed of your internet connection and make you able to stream the contents on Hulu channel seamlessly. There are some devices that keeps on updating over Wi-Fi, so disconnect all those devices from the home network.

3rd step: Uninstall the Hulu channel and re-install it

If your Hulu channel still not streaming properly then you can perform the uninstallation process followed by installation. The process for uninstallation is:

  1. Press the Asterisk button from the Roku remote.
  2. Select the channel that you want to remove.
  3. Go to Roku channel platform and download the Hulu again.
  4. Add the Roku channel on the Home screen with help of remote.
  5. Connect to the Hulu again.

4th step: Upgradation of Roku firmware version

Latest firmware version of Roku hardware is necessary for playing the contents from the Roku channel. You can go to www Roku com support in order to check the latest version of firmware. To download it in your device click on settings then tap on check for updates.