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How To Fix A Purple Screen That Says HDCP Unauthorized In Roku Device?

The very popular media streaming device Roku is also the best in class service provider for any sort of issues that its users face. It means you can easily contact the support team and ask for help regarding any issue which is causing an interrupt in setting up your device for the very first time. Roku help will surely help you in getting your task done in just a couple of minutes.

Sometimes users often complain about a very common issue which displays a purple screen with a message: “HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled”. This is a common issue which is a clear indicator of a loose HDMI connector. You can check for this issue at your own or you can simply visit the official website of Roku at www Roku com support for detailed information about this problem. Here are few solutions regarding the same:

Disconnect the device and TV and unplug the HDMI cable:

If you also face this issue with your Roku device, then you must turn your device off and unplug the HDMI cable from both TV and device. Try to install the wire again and this time make sure that you have inserted it properly. Check for any kind of loose connections and then power on the device and TV. This should work in this case. And if it does not, you can visit the company’s website at www support Roku com and seek for help regarding this issue.

Try to change the HDMI cable:

Sometimes, it is often seen that the cable may be damaged or have some defect. This results in poor connection between the two devices. Make sure that your HDMI cable is working and you may check your wire with some other available device at your home or office. If the problem is with the cable, try to connect Roku player with another cable. It will work smoothly if your previous cable was damaged. This issue is faced by many of the users and they have already updated regarding the cause and perfect solution for the same on the company’s website at www Roku com link. You can checkout this link for some more procedures that will help you in connecting your device with your TV. Also, you must keep in mind that the company will provide you the best in class customer care services and will be more than happy to help you in this issue. Make a call to them and seek for the solution.

Try to use another HDMI port on your television:

This can be a perfect solution in case your TV’s primary HDMI port is not functioning properly. You can easily find another HDMI port (some TV’s have only one HDMI port) and you must connect the HDMI cable to this secondary port. Now you must restart the Roku player and check whether it is working or not. If the problem persists, try to reach the customer service care and get them notified regarding the problem you are facing. They will perfectly guide you in Roku set up for the first time and also solve any of your issues related with the device.

Check your television’s support for HDCP:

If you are seeing this purple screen for the first time after setting up your Roku player then it is recommended to ensure that your TV or receiver supports HDCP over HDMI. In case it does not, you must contact your television’s manufacturer for more information.  Also, if you were able to view content on different channels before, and you are facing this issue now, and the above steps have not resolved this issue, you must get in touch with the Roku customer care service providers.

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