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How To Do A Factory Reset Of Roku Box?

All devices need to be reset before selling them or returning them out. Similarly, you should reset the Roku to avoid the inconvenience it might cause if you don’t reset it before selling.

We need to reset the Roku box before planning to sell it out or return it to any of the nearest Roku stores. It is essential to delete all the personal history and preferences from that device, to detach it from you Roku account and remove all the other settings like forgetting your home network name and password, your sign in details for streaming channels, etc.

Factory Reset is also termed as the master reset. Resetting the Roku means restoring all the settings back to the settings of a new Roku box. Doing this reset all the stored data and personal details are removed from the device. The factory reset Roku box becomes similar to a new Roku box and if anyone wants to use it, then need to go through the whole setup procedure.

In case anyone forgets to factory reset the Roku before selling or returning it then might face several issues like anyone can use the data of their home internet network through that old Roku box. A person with that Roku box can enjoy streaming the content from your Roku account, and you might get billed for all those viewing charges. Thus you may even need to pay even if you no longer streaming the content from that Roku account. The another can gain access to all the subscribed channels from that Roku box and can make changes to your subscription. So it’s better to always Factory Reset the Roku before selling the Roku. Today we have few simple steps to guide you through Factory Reset procedure of Roku.

So Just Go Through The Following Steps:

  1. Hold down the Home button present on your Roku remote control.
  2. A list of options will open up so move down to the option for “settings.”
  3. Go to the option for “System” settings.
  4. It will display the list of available System settings so scroll to the “Advanced system” settings menu.
  5. Select the option for “Factory Reset.”
  6. Now choose the option to “Factory reset everything.” It will now show you an on-screen guide, so go through the guided procedure to complete the factory reset of Roku.

You can also Factory Reset the Roku by pushing the Reset button present at the back of Roku box. If your Roku doesn’t have the Reset button, then there might be a small pin hole labeled as Reset. So you need to insert a pin into that hole to Factory Reset the Roku else you are not able to Factory reset it from there, then you have no other option than resetting it through the above procedure.

So this was all you need to Factory Reset the Roku device before selling or returning it. Also, we discussed the problems one might face if he or she forgets to do the Factory Reset before selling it. Always remember to visit www Support Roku Com for all Roku help options.

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