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How Roku users can get subtitles on Netflix?

Roku + Netflix

Are you Roku user and don’t how to get subtitles on Netflix, then no need to worry, we have some easy steps. Just follow these given steps and get the subtitles.

Netflix on RokuAs we know this popular streaming device, which gained popularity among U.S. citizens. Roku makes users stream their favorite content from the different online streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix etc. Alright, if we talking about Netflix, then we all that Netflix is well-liked online streaming service, this streaming service offers streaming media and video content on demand online and DVD by mail. Good thing is that you can you can even cancel your subscription in it. For more details, step ahead to Netflix’s site. If you are not getting subtitles on Netflix, then we have some simple steps for getting subtitles on Netflix.

Roku users can get subtitles on NetflixHow to get subtitles on Netflix:

  1. Select the video accordingly: Once you have chosen the video, don’t play it because you need to go to the description screen to change your subtitle options. Well, Roku 3 users can access the subtitle options by pressing Down on the remote during playback.
  2. Click the ‘Audio & Subtitles’ and choose the subtitles: You will find this on option on the Description page of the video. The available subtitles are dictated by the creators of the video.
  3. Press ‘Back’ to get back to the Description screen:  Choices of your subtitles will be saved
  4. Start the video: Now your new subtitles will display on the screen.

If you face some another issue on your Roku, then ask for technical support from the Roku experts or professionals. For more details stay tuned to Roku’s official site.

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