How Can You Meliorate An Internet And Wi-Fi Connection On Your Roku?

How Can You Meliorate An Internet And Wi-Fi Connection On Your Roku

So are you dealing with unreliable Wi-Fi and poor connectivity problems? Don’t worry, we have brought a bunch of solutions for you to make your device stream seamlessly. There is no need to visit to Roku com link after reading this valuable blog post. You will find complete solution of your problem in this post only.

Now we are going to discuss an important and advanced tips with you that can meliorate the internet and Wi-Fi related problem on your Roku. If you have any query in between then you can ask us through your valuable comments in the end.

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  1. Router location: The router location plays an important role in improving the performance of your Roku device. Try to place the router in the center of your house, so that the signal strength would be distributed equally along all the area. Don’t place the router in the basement or in congested area because it can restrict opening of Roku com link on your Roku device. If your router is having antenna then adjust it in a right direction, it will boost the signal strength.
  2. Placement of Roku device:  The placement of Roku player plays an equal role in getting the proper signal. It is advisable to connect the Roku 3 device directly to the router with the help of Ethernet cable because the interference in wired network is comparatively less than the wireless signal.Roku wireless connection
  3. Update your router software:  All the router drivers as well as firmware version need to updated on routine basis. You can check for latest version of software on Roku link . If possible, replace the old router with new one because, new routers work on 802.11 g Wi-Fi standard at 5 GHZ frequency that not only provides best performance but also provide better reception to the connected devices.
  4. Connect an extender: If you want to boost the signal strength of your network signal then connect the extender with your router. This will increase the network coverage at home. Check the best extender for your router on internet or you can also ask your internet service provider for the same. Roku also provide free extender to its customers with particular HDMI Roku models.
  5. Check the internet speed: Internet speed is the key factor in streaming the media fromRoku wireless connection search different channels. Different channels require slightly different internet speed for streaming the videos and other contents from online.  Minimum of 3 MBPS is required for watching Full HD videos on TV screen through Roku player. To check your current network speed, visit speed test. Net website. In case of mismatch or lesser bandwidth, you can call your internet service provider.
  6. Disconnect the device that hog up the internet speed: While streaming or browsing the videos on particular channel, restrict the other devices that consumes more data from your internet connection. Limit the number of devices connected to your router. You can either use secondary source for internet or consolidate the number of devices that sucks bandwidth.
  7. Change the wireless channel to less choked one: If you are living in densely populated area then you will find other wireless networks in your search list. You must select the proper channel in order to avoid the interference and noise. Channel 11, 6 are recommended because they have no overlap frequencies. There is no need to go to Roku technical support for changing the channel, you can refer the router manual for setting the wireless channel.

Roku premiere and Roku premiere +Change the DNS settings:  Domain name servers are used to locate the domain name through IP address. Some domains at particular location are better accessed than other ones. You have to visit the www Roku com link in order to modify the settings of your Roku device. Two DNS settings used in your router are open DNS and Google DNS settings.

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