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Five astonishing features of Roku


Roku users shouldn’t miss these amazing features, alright so are you ready to use these features? Run your vision to down written content to get details regarding those features and being Roku user you can visit Roku Com for any assistance.

Roku remoteWhat’s going on Roku users, as we all know the smooth aspects of this popular streaming device, yes here we are talking about Roku, which holds the facile functionality. Well, we no need to tell this streaming device grips many astonishing features and he we are going to discuss all those features and if you’re already using this streaming device at home, and face any kind of a technical mess, then visit Www roku com support so you can get the accurate solution.

  1. Mobile app remote

Your remote bothering you? Unable to find? Well, no need worry because we have an app for your entertainment now. The Roku mobile app for Android and iOS provides a friendly experience and can act as a remote control. Users can use an on-screen keyboard or you can also give a verbal command. Alright, so all the iOS and Android users should download it and try it once.

  1. Private listening

Mobile-Private-Listening-for-Roku-TV-modelsPrivate listening permits you to give a listen to your streaming audio as loud as you want, all you need to do is just plugging your headphones or earphones into your remote on Roku 3 (4230) and Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra. Well, if you don’t want to disturb anyone at night time then what are you waiting for? Go grab the Roku and enjoy this amazing feature. For more info, you contact the professionals.

Through the Roku mobile app, private listening is avail with the Roku Streaming Stick (3600), Roku Express+, Roku Express, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, and Roku TV as well. Enjoy your favorite content without disturbing others.

  1. Casting

Screen mirroringIf you’re a Roku user then you can easily share the images, music and videos from your suitable smartphone or tablet right to your big screen of TV. Enjoy amazing slideshows and motion pictures starting you and your buddies and beloveds. You and your companion can even share and enjoy images from your mobile devices on the television screen at the same time.

And as we know Roku is an immense platform of entertainment, so you can also stream your favorite content via different streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube.

  1. Search

Roku-Search-Home_Roku-ExpressWell, Roku holds the easy way so you can easily find your favorite content without wasting your time. All you need to do search the entertainment you want to watch, just search by typing the television shows, actors, and directors name. You can also add your favorite channel to your Roku platform plus Roku grips some hidden channel as well.

  1. Stream on the go

The Hotel and Dorm Connect aspect permits to easily take your entertainment on the go. You can easily move your Roku streaming player to some different HDTV in your home or you can take it to your buddy’s home as well. Hotel & Dorm Connect even makes you stream on the go, in your dorm or room of the hotel. You need to use your Roku remote and your smartphone, laptop or tablet with a web browser to link your player, fill up your credential and start streaming.

Kindly note down that Hotel and Dorm Connect is available on these Roku models:Hotel-Dorm-Connect Roku

1.    Roku Express

2.    Roku Express+roku-ultra

3.    Roku Streaming Stick (3600)

4.    Roku 3 (4200, 4210)

5.    Roku Premiere

6.    Roku Premiere +

7.    Roku Ultra

So time to enjoy these amazing features on your Roku and if you haven’t purchased Roku then buy it today. Those who are new to this streaming device they can get Roku set up direction from the Roku professionals and experts.

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