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Find Roku’s Wireless Network And Credentials

When you connect your Roku at home you need to have the name and password of your wireless connection. Read the article and know how you can find the name and password.

When at home you connect, your Roku streaming device to the wireless network of your home, there is a need to select the name of your network. The Roku Help scans all the available networks and presents a list in front of you in the order of the signal strength.

The name of the wireless network is sometimes called as SSID. This is the either the default name set by router manufacturer or your ISP or the name you have chosen while setting up your network.

How to Find the Name

If you want to find the name of your wireless connection at your Roku platform, then follow these steps or you can take the help of Roku experts or log on to www Roku Com Link:

  • Firstly, check from which connection your mobile and PC is connected to. The Roku will be connected to the same connection.
  • If your network name is not on the list of the available network in the Choose your network screen. Now select again to see all networks. This will present that list of all available networks.
  • If you are unable to remember the name of your network, then take the support of router manufactures or network connection provider. Sometimes at the bottom of the router you will find the default name.

Getting the Password:

Follow these steps or take help of experts at How To Set Up Roku:

  • Enter the same password that you use to connect your PC or mobile.
  • If you have forgotten the password, then take the support of network service provider or router manufacturer. Sometimes at the bottom of the router the default password is listed.

Tips for Entering Passwords:

Here are some tips that you should know while entering the password o your wireless network:

  • Passwords are always case sensitive.
  • You can select show password or hide password on the password entry screen. This will help you in viewing or hiding your password when you enter it.

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