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Enjoy Google Play Movies & TV On Your Roku

Roku users will be able to watch Google Play Movies &TV by simply signing their Google account but you will be only charged if you order a movie or show. Set up procedure of Google Play Movies &TV is easy, read below for detailed instructions.

Roku, streaming media device always provide you quality entertainment and this time get ready to watch Google Play movies and TV shows on your Roku device. All you need a computer or mobile  device which is connected to the internet to set up Google Play. However, you have to provide payment method during the setup but you need not to worry because you won’t be charged until you order a movie or show.

Further, Canada, Germany, Ireland, United States, United Kingdom will get Google Play movies and TV service on their Roku device .If you need any help setting your Roku then take the better assistance at www roku com support link. This service works with all the models of Roku current models.

Now head towards the setup of Google Play Movies and TV on Roku :

  • Switch on your Roku device go to Roku Channel Store and here search for Google Play Movies and TV
  • Now select the Google Play Movies and TV app and select Add Channel.
  • Just select Go to Channel and then sign in
  • Now visit go to and enter the code which is displayed on the Roku screen and press continue.
  • Now the permission screen will appear so review it
  • Now to add payment method go to your web browser and follow the instructions.
  • After that follow the on-screen instructions to set your Google PIN
  • Now return to Roku search to watch movies

Make a note that you can watch the trailers of the movies on the Play movies& TV app for Roku anytime but you require to sign in to your Google account if you need to rent or purchase videos.

Also, PayPal and direct carrier billing are not supported by Roku.

Google PIN is separate from your Roku device PIN and in case you forget your Google PIN then you can reset your Google PIN when you sign in from the Google account which is associated with your Roku device. Ensure that Google PIN is used for Google products which are associated with your Google account.

How to Change the Google account

You can also switch your account but you need to sign in with only one Google Play Movies account. If you want to switch then you need to register your device again.

  • Simply open the Google Play Movies app on Roku.
  • Open the Google Play Movies app on Roku
  • Now got to settings, then Sign out and again Sign in.
  • Now simply visit and follow the above instructions.

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