Customers love these Roku features most


Are you Roku user, then tell us your favorite Roku feature. Well, here you will see the features, people like the most. Many users also praised these features in the form of comments on Facebook.

Are you a user? Of yes then it’s great if not then, go get the Roku today. Roku offers us a bag full of entertainment plus also gained the highest ranking in the markets. Alright, here we some amazing customers/users favorite feature in Roku. Many Facebook users commented down on the Facebook about their favorite Roku feature and those features and comments go like this:

Roku Search:4-remote-images

Roku’s inclusive search aspect permits users to search their favorite top streaming channels such as Netflix, SHOWTIME, Hulu, Amazon Video, and Crackle etc. Check out the comments made by people. According to Kitty C (Random Facebook user), commented that she loves this feature plus it also saves her time on another hand John H (Random Facebook user) also shared his praising words.


Private Listening:

If you have Roku 3 (94230) and Roku 4 (4400) then you can listen to your favorite content loudly without disturbing other, you just need to plugging earphone/headphone into the remote of these two mentioned versions. You can even use the mobile app on the Roku Streaming Stick (3600). If you face any difficulty in your Roku remote then you can ask for Roku help from the professionals. Some random Facebook user (James W.), commented- “The private listening is beautiful when you live with 3 roommates, and 2 of them work opposite schedules of me so they’re asleep when I’m awake.” There are many comments on the Facebook, appreciated this feature.

Mobile App Remote:

Roku Android appWell, we all are familiar with this mobile app, this app offers a friendly and users can also use it as a remote control. Search your favorite content via verbal commands (For Android iOS users). According to Cynthia N. (random Facebook user), she lost her Roku remote, but this mobile app helping her.

Roku casting

If you have these popular streaming services Netflix and YouTube (apps), then you can stream your favorite entertainment to your television via these well-liked streaming channels apps. According to Ben S. (random Facebook user) commented- “Casting. Yes, you can cast to a Roku device just like a Chromecast! Then you can control the content with the Roku remote!” whereas Dee J. (random Facebook user) said he can beam the YouTube content from his phone to television. If you’re struggling with casting issue, then you can visit Roku Com for the accurate solution.

Hotel and Dorm Connect:

The Hotel and Dorm Connect aspect makes you connect your Roku player and Roku Streaming Stick to wireless network easily. Whether you’re in rooms, college, and cafeteria or in other public location that needs sign-n via a Web browser. Jennifer P. (random Facebook user) commented down- “I love that I can slip it in my bag and take it with me when I travel!!!” This feature gained more praising comments like this as well.

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